September 22, 2023
Tim Cook talks Coronavirus & Black Lives Matter (Apple's Special 2020 Event)

16 thoughts on “Tim Cook talks Coronavirus & Black Lives Matter (Apple's Special 2020 Event)

  1. The developer entrepreneur camp is racist against anyone who isn't black. Why not make it for poor communities or something like that instead of discriminating by race.

  2. Tim should offer a free computer and phone to every African American descendants to prove that he really cares. I will be expecting for my kids.
    That will help them in school 🏫

  3. I made a formula to broaden the perspective of values ​​around the world.
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    What would he think if he saw the "Black lives matter" protest?

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  4. I’m so sick and tired of every corporation pandering to blm. It’s vomit inducing. George’s Floyd was killed by a bad cop; not racism. Period. You can’t prove causation. Only correlation. Doesn’t pass as evidence.

  5. That is a skit how throwing up that side these are Hollywood actors these girls are Hollywood actors out there pretending like they cared about a black person that they all set up to kill and the whole damn country is doing these murders cuz if you don't worship white people with them they going to set you up to be killed and then go out there holding up aside pretending like they all cared about you when they set you up to be killed

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