September 21, 2021

20 thoughts on “Tips for Moving Overseas (A Checklist for Moving to Africa) | We Set the Date for GHANA!

  1. Trump isn’t the reason why you are leaving the USA. The media mind programming you through consistent negative content aimed at demonizing President Trump is the reason. It is unfortunate that the mind-programming has been so strong that even the intellect see the Light as Dark and the Dark as the Light. Liberals/Demon-crats control the media which means they control the narrative. Stay discerning, Black People. Love and Light ❤️

  2. As opposed to quitting your job (depending on your job type and/or employer) you should consider asking for a one year unpaid leave of absence. This way if things don't pan out for whatever reason you can return to your job. However, don't forget to formally resign if you're not going to return.
    Chow for now!! 👊🏾😁

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