January 16, 2022

36 thoughts on “TK Kirkland: I'm Considering Moving to Africa, Ludacris Already Did It (Part 3)

  1. 2:51 Africa is the largest continent in the world with 54 countries and ppl call it a country to diminish its power! Algeria the largest country in Africa it’s about the size of America kind of We are also the richest continent in recourses such as gold,diamonds,uranium, copper,cobalt etc. sad that the ppl don’t see the wealth!

  2. Vlad is such a troll. A new skip bayless but in the hip hop world. Obviously he pays attention to the comments and knows no matter how lame his take on things we end up watching it

  3. This interview just showed that TK Kirkland is the wrong person to talk about this. "Putin went to Princeton." "Africa is a continent, right?" "This reminds me of Atlanta." Lmao

  4. Gambia is the Jamaica of Africa – reggae, dreadlocks. Very lively people. Very tough girls. I am from Gabon, we got money but we are poor at farming. We are lazy bitches, lol.

  5. And people who go to USA for education are enriching the US system: they pay heavy fees. Those dollars go to keep your country moving forward. You guys are so ignorant.

  6. Vlad felt so good to catch tk in the cap did y'all peep tk: putin went to Princeton Vlad: Google's…………….NO HE DIDNT 😂 then tk bounced back with the ludacris tk factoid double punch factmundo about africa Vlad heart dropped you're right

  7. Lol t.k. not sure if africa is a continent. Cmon dude ,lol. Good video still though. T.k. got. Nothing but my respect either way dawg, funny dude, still spits truth all the time

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