September 22, 2023
Tom MacDonald - "NO LIVES MATTER"

34 thoughts on “Tom MacDonald – "NO LIVES MATTER"

  1. The second coming of Christ.. ✝️ nah, he here now. breaking down the BS and preachin the truth one song at a time . Watch out for the Romans dude. 🤣🤣🤣. 📢📯📯📯📯📯📯📯

  2. im a 76 year old woman, and i must say I've never been into rap music before. its just all about guns, drugs and black folk, but since my grandson showed me a few of Tom McDonalads songs, he really is the best rapper in the world. me and my grandson dance to his music in the living room all the time!

  3. Comparing Tom MacDonald to Eminem is like comparing a fighter jet to a moped. Eminem had his time and prime… Then hé blew it up. After came the man who would have turn Shady to Shame…

  4. I love the perspectives and views you have even ones I disagree with. You speak the truth, but with opinions we can always agree to disagree. And I will continue to support your artistry. Love, peace, and respect ✌️ keep doing you and being successful. Hopefully one day we can all accept each other and live fearlessly amongst each other

  5. brother forgive me, i aint into rap, never heard of you until last night, i listened to america and i cried, then i spent the next 5 hours listening to whatever of yours i could find, THANK YOU BROTHER

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