September 21, 2023
Tomi Lahren talks racial issues in U.S. with Black Lives Matter leader

sits down with the chairman of the New York, , to discuss racial issues facing the country today. Can these two find common ground on such a crucial topic? #FoxNation #TomiLahren #NoInterruption

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44 thoughts on “Tomi Lahren talks racial issues in U.S. with Black Lives Matter leader

  1. if they dont stop stealing from me then they ordered their own executions. i cant afford to beg them to live. they asked to die enough times that im good to take that ride to go pull the trigger and get it over with. my childrens lives are worth more than bank robbers lives. tell the sheriffs im ready to go. its my job. ill ride in back or front. they can hand me the gun when time is at light.

  2. plasma is bright light plaspa is dark and way lighter. black isnt absent. black had much power and got there right along void pushing bouncing bending breaking and building a way for the bright light to make its mark that it could add to the mix that black couldnt do alone. the pupil isnt the only part of the eye that sees. its a subsensory partiality function. alone it sees nothing but tints and contrasts.that it cant translate until its hit your entire bodies cellular consensus registry. before your brain sentences the verdict it checkin with even your bones because black travels so penetractingly quick that even the center of your smallest toe seeing what your eyes are seeing toe eye coordination for walking. your eyes and your toes relaying messages. they both are touch and rythym but the toe in the sight sense only sees the dark light energy field so your dominates your sense of vision but the eye isnt all the sight. close your eyes long enough and youll learn to see much more vibrantly with your bones. aall senses are touch and rythym. the sense they call touch or feel is pain impact. and it connect in varying degrees to all your other senses like they do to the others ones as well. like the sense of hatred. its a combination of all the rythyms and touches of the jungle beats. sometimes its just a song you hate to dance to. you can always shoot yourself if you never want to dance again.

  3. How do people not realise that the activists chose to kneel during the anthem because that was the only way people like them would actually care. If a different platform and/or time was chosen, People would just choose to ignore and be like "ohh a protest, okay!" Because it wouldn't affect them in any way. So this is supposed to be uncomfortable for everyone. So that people start giving it the attention it deserves. And it proves itself right because people are more offended by not standing up for the anthem than the actual reason for protesting. Again because that reason for protesting doesn't affect them!

  4. These white racists on here twisting his words. Y'all saying racism never existed because y'all never experienced it. And there's no such thing as black supremacy. Do you think we have that type of power? No.

  5. So scary.. so sad how bad things are. Jesus was right. The world is under the sway of darkness.
    But the good news is Jesus is returning one day. Stay alert.🙏🕊️ Pray without ceasing. Jesus said he will come again like he left, descending from the clouds with a trumpet and a shout! Allelujah!

  6. I’ve been pulled over 3 times and I did exactly what my parents told me to do. My father has also been pulled over and he did everything he told me to do in a traffic stop. My dad told me that all you have to do is comply with the police keep your hands where they can see them and make them feel safe and comfortable with you you do all that then everything will be just fine.

  7. Pointless to make this people understand. They have a complex of inferiority. He said “I didn’t choose to be born black! Meaning that deep down inside he hates himself and he hates being black. How disrespectful and how crazy to say that they are flux should be upside down and that he will Neil to it. It is incredible how ignorant some people can be not understanding the privilege of being an American. Try to see how Black people live in Africa and in Portugal and then you can tell me about oppression. If this country was so racist than why million of Nigerians are crossing from Africa to Brazil to get to America just so that they can get the opportunities that they always dreamed of.. In Mexico we offer them asylum to stay and they refuse because they want to live the American dream.

  8. I went to subscribe to Fox Nation just to watch this entire interview. This interview should be free and promoted!!! This interview is what America needs to heal as a country. Hawk should be on Fox every night bringing whites and blacks together.

  9. Maybe more black people should patrol their own communities instead of always depending on white people to do that for them .yeesh .what an idea that would be ??whoulda thunk it ??lol

  10. White plp will make a victim out of you, and blame u for Being aware of it. Loll they call It self-victimization.Chileeeee Let me tell you about those sickos😂🤣😂🤣😂.I know for fact she ll never question the cause of the protest yet the effect of it. See How they never question the police about their brutality but Again…

  11. When i was 13 and initiated, i knew instantly not to dress like a cholo because i thought it was a bad idea. Strange how young i was to use reverse psychology like that

  12. "They chose to be a police officer….I didn't choose to be BLACK" EXACTLY…. we can't change the color of our skin it's crazy how much yall hate us because are skin is darker.

  13. I'm so sick of black people bringing up white supremacists……blacks kill blacks , I don't see white supremacists doing the killing . Fix your communities stop blaming white people

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