September 20, 2023

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  1. The majority agree with everything you say! The problem is most don't have the platform to show their support bro. Unlike the celebrity wrong uns who don't live in the real world, who don't have no worries like most of us but get to spout out there views and bullshit to the common folk! What's sad is the people who take all their bull shit in! War veterans must be turning in there bloody graves. It's only going to get worse too. Freedom of speech haaaaa, fxxking joke! Why is it Tommy that your the only one bringing up these Pakistani grooming gangs but get nothing but hate. Yeh most pedos are white males, true but does this mean it's racist to single out Pakistan pedos!!!!!!! A pedo is a pedo so who gives a toss! This country is ruined bro. I stand with ya Tommy 100%

  2. Still people being jailed for protecting monuments in Britain.
    It's fucking crazy! People have died in prison because they didn't want to see some prick smash up a war memorial

  3. Wee love you Tommy we do we love you Tommy we do oh Tommy weeeeee love you !!!!! Mate you should the state of northern Ireland (Belfast) have been turned into a mini refugee camp. We have a place called the holylands it was used to house thousands of students for queen's university now all the hotels have been occupied by refugees mainly males , and the thousands of students are being moved out and in newly built apartments while the refugees are being moved into the houses in the holylands whites ain't welcome in that area no more . Goes to show that once we turned to peace we where flooded with them slowly at the start and now its like a free flowing tap with them arriving

  4. There’s only one race on this planet and it’s called the human race! Nationalism whether you’re a communist or capitalist society has killed more people in human history than any other ideology! You cannot stop globalism! We don’t live in the 8th 9th or 10th century anymore! I agree with Tommy on so many things. But in this he is dead wrong!

  5. Ain't a racist guy but I don't like the fact it's okay for every race to say there proud to be black blue any other coulour I ain't arsed but if u say Ur proud to be white instant label racist…

  6. British colonial history of rape, torture and murder is the reason why so many 2nd, 3rd gen immigrant kids feel isolated and ostracized by the right wing and right wing media

  7. You have 4 and 5th gen Americans calling themselves Irish and Italian whats he on about 😅 he just don't like them because they're Muslim ffs this guy is a dick.

  8. The Irish are the same though Tommy. 3rd, 4th and 5th generations, goes on and on, still say they’re Irish. Irish passports, anti-British sentiment.

    Like you say, it’s such a shame that schools and other public buildings won’t fly the St George and British flag.

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