May 29, 2023
Toonami - Black Lives Matter Speech (HD 1080p)

“A little background: this piece came together because a group of Toonami staff came to me and asked, “are we going to address this clearly?” I agreed with them that we should. This piece was produced, co-written, and edited by our staff members. The all did an amazing job. Special shoutout to
who wrote the backbone and shepherded it home as well. I work with some very good people and I hope you felt our sincerity, even if it made you uncomfortable. Thanks for watching, as always. We at #toonami know we can only do so much with our platform but we wanted to be clear what our little block stands for. Equality, compassion, love and strength are at the core of so much of our programming and at the core of the message we want Toonami to deliver.”
-Jason Demarco (SVP/Creative Director, . Co-creator, Toonami.)

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43 thoughts on “Toonami – Black Lives Matter Speech (HD 1080p)

  1. Wow. If it was just those last few lines I wouldn't have had a problem with this but openly accusing viewers of being racists — and having the gaul to suggest this is why they watched you — was really shitty. I hope you understand the self-fulfilling prophecy of hate that you are sowing the seeds for.

  2. First of all, i'm not against BLM. It did help people understand that police brutality and racial profiling is a big problem, but there is a problem i have with this video.

    You see, in this video, TOM talks about how black people should be treated better and that black lives should be given more awareness than the other, for the things they suffered through.

    While i do agree with Tom about how they should be treated better (after all the slavery, apartheid and lynchings in the southern area), the "stop being colorblind and stop saying all lives matter" does make TOM and Toonami sound like hypocrites, because:

    1. A few years back TOM had a speech where says that all people should be treated equally, no matter how different they are, which is the opposite of the "no lives matter until black lives matter" message thet are trying to express in the video you are currently watching.

    2. As you probably heard, Adult Swim has underpaid their black actors, which also makes them sound like huge hypocrites.

    As much as we share our love Toonami and Adult Swim, we all have to admit that they do sometimes pull a wrong move. Though they are mostly likely doing this video just for clout, like other companies during this period of time we are currently in.

    P.S: i am not racist in any way. I support the equality of all people, including the black ones. I just wanted to point out what Toonami did wrong in this video.

    Thank you for reading.

  3. People keep on saying “go look at dreams” like it negates what’s said here ??? Lol it literally goes Tom: “responsibility begins to take over, and possibilities begin to narrow” cuts to anime female protagonist: “doesn’t your own life matter to you at all?” Male protagonist: “of course my life matters to me , but not just mine… everyone’s.” What are y’all reaching for with that?? The video is talking about dreams not human rights??? And if you want to make the stretch at least make sure you go all the way and notice it’s the protagonist who is standing up for others who are being oppressed. Sooo… Make it make sense, either you’re racist or you lack basic cognition or both.

  4. Ya'll really have some problems in the comment section. Bunch of angry ass nerds raised by some asshole parents who taught ya that looking on the other side of life and walking in someone elses shoes isnt right. Never been discriminated against. Never been judged for something outside of your control. Not that any words will change your minds because you've been conditioned your whole lives that being wrong is the worst that can happen. Its okay to be wrong, to make mistakes. But you need to learn. Ive lived in hoods and suburbs, ive known struggle and ive known success. If you cant understand this im sorry, and i hope that hardships come your way, not because i want you to suffer, but because pain causes growth, and yall dont seem to have grown at all.

  5. I believe that black lives matter.. However, I do NOT support the Black Lives Matter movement. It's a racist organization and the leadership is corrupt. I do NOT need the approval of BLM to know that I am not a racist. I'll fight racism and promote equality in my own way, thank you very much.

  6. Hey my neighbors house is on fire and he's asking for some assistance due to the contemporary situation and circumstances if I
    Me: My house matters too !!! That's how some of you sound and I dont even support BLM but instead of the political agenda of BLM dont let that take away from what's actually happening to many black lives in our current society

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