December 7, 2022

28 thoughts on “Top 10 African Countries Evil Foreign Companies in Africa

  1. very interesting you left out Glencore mining conglomerate out of your story. Also you neglected to list all companies that avoid paying taxes by declaring false profits. i think the tax avoidance along with bribery is just as destructive to the countries that are involved in the extractive industries

  2. So double standard. First they want to wipe the African continent through jabs and now because their greedy characters they doing the same as 400 years ago. They messed up their continents Afrika is final. But it want workout this time. The Most High is going to end this crap 💩

  3. I didnt know nothing about this bad situation for all african People.
    I would Love to know more about the corruption in their government too, I have heard a little about it,but those who I have been talking with,are scared to tell me about how bad They are treated, cause they are going to get punishment in some way or the other.
    This is soo scary how big companie's are using people who are living there, doing a great job, while these companie's are making a lot of money on their behalf of being bad treated 😡😡😡 I am so mad at those companie's and government in each country in Africa.

  4. The western countries know that all these human right abuses were being carried out by their companies they do not say anything. They only report human rights abuses when it concerns African governments that do not bow to them. They use accusation of human rights abuse and authoritarian as an excuse to kill a leader, kill and destabilize a country. The exploitation of African natural resources is still based on the justification of using Black people as slaves. Like slavery in the past corrupt African leaders are also to be blamed for this. These leaders with colonial mentality do think about its citizens only their own pockets. Wake up young Africans now against what is happening to your continent if not you will be left with defaced, non fertile lands and still remain poor when all your mineral resources is taken away and your fertile land is destroyed. Wake up from slumber and open your eyes before it is too late.

  5. Africa! My heart is heavy. The Black Man is disappointing. We're not smart as a race. We don't understand the power of God and our power to easily access this power.

    But to access this power we must be smart! When we represent our father we must be brilliant and handsome in every way. This is why it's important that if We're gonna change our culture we must aim to be better as Black men. Not drunk or high. Our duty and honor to God is to protect and Honor each other as Black Men.

    No land, mineral or material is worth the life of One Black man.. if you as a black man can see that you're blind and ungodly!

    Our ungodly ways, thurst for money over love or knowledge and our greed has allow the foreigners to play us like fools. Our hate for each other as Black men has ruined our lives, our families and our genealogy on a whole. Yet we refuse to smarten up. Our phones, AC, cars even our fridges has become smart. When will we?

    We have allowed the foreign man to invade our home lands. I repeat we have allowed the foreign man to invade our home lands! Exterminate millions of our Animals, plants and eco systems due to the fact; these Gems were only found in Africa!

    So out of Jealousy and spite Zoo's and Circuses were created to not only aide in the extermination of the animals you're paying to see but make room for real-estate and development. While we laugh, play games, party, drink rum, starve each other, kill each other and flaws.

    Now while we stood by as grown, strong black men caught up with voodoo hate and spiting each other the foreign man is making money off of pain and misery building property and prison to protect his property.

    The foriegn man is so much more sophisticated and advanced than the so called geniuses of Africa that he rob, kill and commit the most heinous acts against humanity with clean hands. Why? because it's the black man and his hungry belly and backwards thinking is helping the foreign man do his dirty work.

    Navigating him, steering him, guiding his weak blind dumb ass throughout this world so he can destroy our homes, families and way of life just for a piece of the pie. Some so love the foreign man, Alien to their land and way of living, they aide him with benefits whatsoever in return.

    Now all the Animals are conveniently extinct and now there is more room for real-estate and development. Right in time for record high inflation and conditions of poverty running rampant.

    A nation that once was proud and strong. The producers of kings and queens now sniff glue, drink rum, smoke crack and commit the most heinous murders only to fill there bellies from day to day and things won't get better my friends.

    The foriegn man has the best of your women. They don't have to come to your hood made of zinc or half finished frame plot with, high rent, high crime and misery to get your best and smartest women. Your women go looking for them!

    So while we cheerfully laugh and smile with the foreigners there in our homeland to destroy your culture, your sanity and your way of life. While you continue to spite and fight each other, curse each other and despise eachother. The stranger in your land will be playing games with your lives and the lives of your generation to come. Do you even care? Or are you happy being forever a slave and a Pon.

    No matter how much expensive clothing you buy, cars, jewelry and flaws, you won't be her first pick. You won't be societies first pick. You're not even acknowledged outside of being called a brute or a beast.

    So as long as you! Yes you the black man! Continue to be hateful, spiteful and backwards Moving:

    killing eachother setting each other back, allowing our lands to be taxed and allowing government and sellout leaders and foreigners to make laws for us and dictate to us how to be men and we go along just to get a check and feel important, We are doom. Not only physically and earthly but spiritually and celestially. Means our curse will run deep and transcend generations.

    We must do something and we must act now! Moving away from God is not the answer!

  6. Is very unfortunate that the abuses on workers by the foreign companies were enforced by the African (Militaries and paramilitaries) Governments. Because the constitution that guides the people is like the shining moon without intense outcome.

  7. Multi national companies are economic +POLITICAL environmental racial and cultural predators and modern day slave TRADERS and Neocon exploiters who run away from their home base and Countries in search of cheap pools of colored poor black unprotected labor in Africa and the Global SOUTH in the fake phony Neocon/ Neoliberal economic +POLITICAL Ideology of Globalization aka EXPLOITATION

  8. Are y’all aware of “BOYCOTTING” 🧐
    Or strikes ?

    Blk Americans to Africans to show us some sort of revolt … we need to see each other being STRONG & FIGHTING ,,

    We need SOLUTIONS at this point . X the time is NOOWWWW FOR #CHANGE🔥🐍✨

  9. This list was completely misarranged and just wrong. How the hell can prevalent contemporary slavery (of children at that) be ranked below illegal dumping?! And this isn't the only thing that's wrong with it, it's also very much outdated (even mentioning things that happened almost a whole decade ago (Marikana incident)), some of these governments where indeed negligent then, but now have since placed in new policies that prevent such incidences from occurring again at present. The whole thing needs to be re-researched to fully reflect the present state of affairs.

  10. Finally doing some criticism on some American companies? How about their government, like back then, when they say Obama and Biden interfered by war, when Africa threatened the dollar, when building its own bank and currency, taking the first step of the dream of an united Africa?

  11. Colonisation at it's different form..It all begins with Incompetent African leaders who care less about the life their people are going through being installed on power by the western counties. These african leaders then work in the interest of their masters instead of working in the interest of the Africans.
    These leaders don't bother because their families are well off and they have their share to buy mansions in Europe and USA, and will be travelling in private jets at the cost of these men and women suffering 24/7 365 days a year.
    Shame upon these corrupt systems which fight their own people(tax payers) the oppressed, instead of fighting the oppressors.

  12. That of Nigeria can not happen. No foreign oil company can kill any Nigerian worker. They can't try that in Nigeria. They can exploit but they can't kill

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