September 26, 2022

25 thoughts on “Top 10 African Dance Challenges That Went Viral in 2020

  1. Africa is bless with dancing yet we still poor it's time to do something better that will bring development especially educating the kids and not teaching them grown up dancing

  2. Dang, why do soooo many of our "Afrikan" dance moves show sex acts??? It seem like I'm in a Western strip club… Some moves should ONLY be shown in bedroom without children. Otherwise, your children will take on these dance moves and do it better than you. Then when they turn 16 years old and above, they'll start bringing babies without a daddy!!! I'm not hating, but I see the distractive culture of the west coming to Afrika!!! Divorce rate is over 50% in the US & the amount of single mother is by millions. So, unless we're careful with our culture, we'll be heading on same road. I'm not happy to where we're heading, but I STILL GOT 1Love2AllMyAfrikans. PS

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