July 3, 2022

23 thoughts on “Top 10 Best African TV News Bloopers

  1. The host is not homophobic. He defended that pepe all the way through and asked good and important questions many people have.
    Don't be a dick to that nice guy.
    Pasta was a true jerk though

  2. Number 7: UTV is a Ghanaian tv station owned by a Ghanaian, the tv station is based in Ghana. The news anchor is Akrobeto, a legendary Ghanaian comedian/actor. I still remember his standup comedy from waay back in the late 90s. He has an hour long tv show that airs weekly on UTV called Real News. It’s been on air since 2019. The subtitles are part of the whole show. It’s a genius show. His English is not good as Twi is the language used majorly in Ghana; which is the whole premise of the show – a well known comedian reads the news using bad English as he mispronounces and skips over difficult words. After he reads everything in English he breaks it down in Twi.

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