September 26, 2022

36 thoughts on “Top 10 Hardest African Languages to Learn

  1. Am a south African I speak Sesotho but Xhosa is the most difficult.
    I grew up around Xhosa and Zulu speaking people. I prefer Zulu because it doesn't have a lot of clicks like Xhosa. Xhosa has a lot of clicks I still can't differentiate them even today.

  2. Im frome Ethiopia 20 million only i don't think it's correct one because Ethiopian population is more that 110million and our national language is Amharic and how can it be only 20 million

  3. 2nacheki you are wrong about the number of people speaking Amharic. 20 mil? That's not correct. The population of Amhara is at least 40 mil. Plus Amharic is the official national language of Ethiopia. So it's spoken at least by more than 60% of Eth people. Guys, you have to make some research before broadcasting it. But all in all, I love the info you gave us. And I love the channel.

  4. Did you just say that Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia, is spoken by only 20 million? You need to get your facts straight. Swahili spoken and Amharic Alphabet makes sense as one African. language

  5. Amharic 20 million speakers??🧐 the population of Ethiopia is 110+ million, the language speakes almost everywhere in Ethiopia and including Djibouti, Eritrea and Somalia very few people. For sure minimum 80 million people(first and second language) is speaking now. please refer more and correct it.

  6. I dont find isixhosa and isizulu that difficult but they are two beautiful languages there are also xhosa speakers in (Namibia Luderitz kharas region),Zimbabwe,Botswana

  7. If you are an African and indeed you love to learn an African language of your choice, all African languages are very easy. The secret is to marry an African and possibly relocate to Africa your motherland ✌️🇹🇿

  8. #Amharic is a mother tongue for almost 30 million people and almost 80 million speakers across the country and abroad (one of official languages in Washington DC). Have a history of writing for hundreds of years.

  9. The fact they spealt "Xhosa" as "Khosa" proves that it's a difficult language to speak, that deserves the second spot.

    And the fact that they left out "!Xu" altogether and replaced it with "Taa" also proves why it is the boss of hard languages lmao

  10. Pronounced Rwanda not Ruwanda there's nothing annoying hearing Africans pronouncing African words like Europeans please !!! It's Tanzania not Tanzerniya. The presenter should learn to pronounce properly

  11. You should come to uganda. It's so funny the language of my tribe is so unique. The lugbara language is like Chinese. It comprises of mostly 2,3,4 letter words for everything. And one word can be used to refer to many things just depends on the tone of the voice. I call it the lazy language. It's like the people who came up with the language couldn't come up with new words for them
    Funny enough to an outsider, when you see people talk you may think they are in an argument and want to fight yet they are in a usual conversation. Just the tone of the language is rather high pitched.

  12. Interesting Video, thanks 2nacheki! And a very interesting discussion here, too. Thank you, folks, for your valuable input.💝 Please, 2nacheki, make more videos about African languages and cultures and, perhaps, religions.

  13. Funny thing my maama speaks #10 and I was able to say something she thought it'd be difficult. While I was having a hard time saying something in my native Luganda.

  14. You should stop giving out the secrets of the language of our ancestors to the PALE face people who will use it to suppress and OPPRESS further.
    Now as for our BLACK BROTHERS AND SISTERS if you really want to learn how to speak an AFRICAN language just go to Africa and learn the real language of our ancestors.

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