November 26, 2022

28 thoughts on “Top 10 Highest Paid African Presidents in 2019

  1. Please please next time Add Ghana, I pity Catatonia's how can I person take all the money for N the old sick president too what do you need that Money for, Africa N greedy.

  2. Why do the Presidents earn so much money? Are their salaries so high because they have to pay their own travel expenses and so on? Do there salaries pay for those motorcades? And if the presidents can afford such high salaries why are countries in debt to China? Why aren't African countries that have more sending help to those that do not have as much as they do so that African countries don't run the risk of colonization to foreign countries again? I was born in Africa and am just asking as a regular person that wants to see Africa prosper.

  3. They're the highest paid by the people's of there country's states and the people's are facing taff times.

    There are peoples are suffering.

    While there president's are getting big fat paychecks.
    This is the truth.
    Their own peoples on the ground are suffering because of greed.

    Talked smack!!! This is why πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡Ό Zimbabwe went to he'll.

    Robert Mugabe the biggest crooner ever.

    This is why Zimbabwean's paying $50 for a toothbrush and $50 for a lofe of 🍞 🍞 bread and this is why Zimbabwe's all are suffering.

    One more thing that I want to address here?
    Black man don't care about their women they've raped them and get them babes and let them staff to the children look like they're cannot take care of them babies or themselves.

    This is not all of them.
    There are some moderate Black man that are welled educated that take care of their wife and kids.

    And then there are some that are not unable to take care of there women and kids.
    Not sure if it's because there cannot find a job or it's difficult to find work
    Or they high school πŸŽ“ dropouts
    Or they're not confident enough.

    Or maybe cannot help themselves.

    I don't know?
    I don't have the answers.

  4. Uganda, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, all hot beds of idiots who steal tax payers money. In Uganda you pay taxes to fund the Presidents tribe the Banyankole. Everyone else is starving while they steal steal steal from the people. African leaders are useless shits.

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