May 21, 2022

24 thoughts on “Top 10 Real Richest African Countries Based on Natural Resources

  1. For us Africans to understand why our continent is so rich with materialistic poor people, and to position ourselves to get out of that, I recommend us to read: THE CONFESSIONS OF ECONOMIC HITMAN and THE LOOTING MACHINE, after that, in order to gain our lost power and confidence, read Prof. Nousseré Kalala Omitunde’s AFRICAN ORIGIN OF GREEK’S KNOWLEDGE

  2. Wealth can only be measured by ORGANIZATION. Not resources, not weapons, not media; but organization. How it was in the beginning and shall be forever. Nature only respects organization.

  3. As you say the riches of africa itself has turned a curse to it,we ask who is the cause of this curse ,us Africans or the European countries?,if to attempt the answer myself,then will give it a dual answer, Europeans have contributed so much in our losses and sufferings since the Berlin conference of 1884 where the European shared africa as their property in the Berlin conference, after the came the UN Decleration asking for independence of the colonies,where some countries like France issued fake independence to their colonies in Africa since then has kept on in the balcony of these colonies to clandestinely dictate social, economic and political life, manifesting in Terror and insurgencies, regime manipulation and corruption while in the other hand us Africans because we've failed to unite to fight back as a result our voice, even our effect will hardly be felt at world stage.

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  5. I would be ashamed in many ways to see how rich my country is, and still so much poverty, existing in africa. This is so wrong that Africa politicians not doing justice to the people of Africa. 🤮 I am sure there are many more substances in Africa that has not been found, or is and due to greed I thinks if is is found do not bring it to the public.when the greedy selfish politicians do the right thing by the people then you show new discovery.

  6. +-May be mistaken but cannot say this was well researched. Nigeria that is a leading country in petroleum, Gas (in Africa) and has many other minerals like Gold, ,Bitumen Iron ore, and many more. Nigeria is not exploiting most of it due to too much focus on petroleum. Nigeria is building a pipeline all the way to Europe through many African countries. How is Nigeria not even in the top 10. Are North African countries exclude?

  7. This is wonderful. It solidifies why the world (colonialists) are so adamant about stealing artifacts and natural resources. I pray the Continent has learned how not to take what seems like a free lunch.

  8. The question is, do Africans know they are this rich? The west and Asian countries have always known are have been talking what they can out these countries while Africans are dying to get to European countries. It is just sad!

  9. African countries should ban the exportation of their natural resources and reserve it and turn their natural resources into finished products which should be sold on the African market.

  10. Our riches have been our curse.we should take back our resources and our power.we have always been the richest on earth we have been lied to for centuries. Let's take it back by force its ours our birth right.

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