May 25, 2022

35 thoughts on “Top 10 Richest African Musicians of 2021

  1. That's unfair… their net worths are about 1/10th of their caucasian counterparts. (E.g. Mc Cartney at 1.2 billion, Bruce Springsteen just sold his collection for 500 million dollars, his annual income lies at 80 million euros). Let's blame slavery and colonialism…

  2. Having no women on this list is troubling. I would also like to see successful scientists, inventors, technical engineers, business owners, etc.
    You can't have an empire without women.

  3. I live in the Divided States and the propaganda here always portray Africa as poor with vast slums, babies with swollen bellies and flies around the eyes. I grew up with those images and of course believing the lies, donated money to help.
    I am 76 and they can not lie to me anymore. I discovered the strategic plans to keep Africa poor and to continue to exploit her riches.
    I have come to realize that Africa is called the Motherland for a reason–she is the center of the Universe, plentiful with every resource needed for the Nubian Queens & King inhabitants. Africa is Eden! The world must acknowledge that.
    Thank you for your video-loyal subscriber. Isn't the internet wonderful? Connecting us with our ancestral land! An action that cannot be stopped…bc
    " Times Up!" Asé
    I as so happy to see the youth of Africa kicking the Muzungas out of their countries. 💚

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