May 22, 2022

41 thoughts on “Top African Diplomat Schools Americans on How Africa Made America a Reality Today

  1. 1:10 umm free people were tricked, stolen and taken to the New World to become enslaved. Some may have been slaves on the continent but many were not. So quick correction on that.

  2. How do you feel being called african? In my mind africa is a continent with many countries so i feel ignorant calling a person from lets say senegal or benin just african..i might be overthinking

  3. The US is now trying to ban CRITICAL RACE THEORY (The terrible history of what they did to Africans in America) in schools in hopes that it will go away. IT WON'T.

  4. This is true history I was born in Louisiana and we were taught the history of the Louisiana Purchase in grade school I can't see how a high level US diplomat didn't know this.

  5. The world knows Afrikan significant,but their are many throughout that want to erase that reality! Africa is Watching ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›

  6. @2nacheki Do you know why I also watched this video many times? Because I wanted to make sure that I heard you correctly. When your accent kicked in it sounded like you were saying that we should've been put back into the hole or slavery. That is why I was hurt. I wanted to do business with you to prove to you that we were meant to be more than just slaves. We have a value for greater than just mere slaves. Everything you complain about we have here in our African American Diaspora. You need not beg Europe anymore. Though I am torn between families. Both African and European descents. People was claiming that I was being the devil's incarnate. Coming to rip you off. No! I wanted to help. But I don't want to bring people into an unsafe environment. Especially since people over there sell Africans as slaves to this very day. I don't want that for my African American Diaspora. I want them to be safe. But also given the very same opportunities that you give to Europeans. I chose for Government Diplomats to make it legal and unscamworthy. This way accountability can be assessed should things go south. Plus all the wars fought over there. Everything you beg for you need not do. You got what you need in us Africans. You just didn't look beyond your borders to us Africans that have what you need. You gave Europeans access to everything I asked for. Why not give it to your own? Though we reside on other continents? Africa is the only continent I know that is overrun and ran by outsiders. You don't find Africans running government anywhere in Russia, China, Europe, Japan, Australia, India, Mexico, or South America. Only Africa has that problem. If we can't rule their homelands then why should they rule ours? It's only racist when it comes to me speaking on Africa. But it is unapologetically unracist when speaking of other nations. That is not cool. Period! Welcome to the African American Diaspora. We got what you need for the low low (Low Low means cheap price).

  7. Hold UP HOLD UP AGOA? AGOA? I just looked it up!! and now that explains COVID and violence breaking out all over! even the GUINEA backed coupe!! and in ETHIOPIA!! even the 2 oil trucks that blew up in two AFRICAN COUNTRIES! one in africa one in HAITI!! GOOD INFORMATION now I gotta go back to the DRAWING BOARD because AMERICAN INVESTORS would be alot of WHITE PEOPLE exploiting AFRICA and this AFRICAN FREE TRADE PUNCHED THEM IN THE MOUTH!!!

  8. Yes africans saved the United States ass. We helped them to fight to defeat the British to free themselves and we defeated the french so the french have no choice but to leave America to sell Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi to to the United States penny on the dollar.

  9. Europe has a long long history of invading Africa , starting from Romans invading ancient Egypt ๐ŸŸค 2000 years ago.

    To TRANSATLANTIC kidnapping & shipping of Africans , to colonial Americas in the 1650 upwards .

    To COLONIAL Invasion ,occupation , subjugation & exploitation during 18th & 19th centuries.

    To nazi APARTHEID in southern Africa in the 20th century .

    To the African youth clamouring against FRANCE the vulture exploitation in the present 21st century .

    Who is ever present in Africa's

    A LONG LIST & LONG HISTORY OF EUROPEAN INVASION & WARFARE on African people & African land .

    Same colonial invasion tactics carried out on all other continents by Europeans .!

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  11. Let's not forget that it was also our fellow brothers and sisters that sold us into slavery only to eventually be colonized by the same Europeans. We must acknowledge and reckon with everyone's complicity in our enslavement which to this very day affects our day to day existence.

  12. He left out the part where the Africans SOLD slaves. ๐Ÿ™„ Both Africans and White Americans perpetuate revisionist narratives about the slave trade.

  13. And the sad part is, the west refuses to pay reparations to the descendants of the African slave's while not having a problem paying reparations to the slave owners. Plus, African leaders let these western countries build military bases within the continent,
    why let the same race that colonized you and took Africans as slaves, put military bases and businesses of their own within the continent. What's even more sad is that I've heard Africans say on YouTube live streams that colonization was a good thing for the continent. Self-hatred is definitely real in Africa, I've heard African diasporan say, those of us who descent from African slaves should automatically be given citizenship when returning back to the continent without any due process, terms or conditions. Since it wasn't our choice to be taken from the continent in the first place, does anyone agree or disagree.

    In my own opinion I would have to agree with it.

  14. African need to be independent…..we need to develop our own social media apps and platforms which will only operate in Africa under our own policies and languages….I welcome all African Youths to my social media app

  15. @2nacheki So glad that you said that. Places where my DNA show up at doe not take into account the migration routes. Nor do they account for the reasons behind the migrations. Whole sets of people are living today in areas they aren't originally from. Take the Luhya Tribe for instance. Their oral history points them to being from Egypt. Same as the Mende Tribe. Their history shows a migration from Egypt as well. Those in the Congo are not the original Congolese. They migrated south from Chad. The original Congolese moved westward I believe. The tragedy in Rwanda was claimed to be about a rumor of one group thinking they are better than the next. I believe it is because the original inhabitants wanted their territory back. One of those groups of people are from the North. All are remnants of an empire that was scattered from their homeland due to warfare. And that is why my DNA is in a few different regions of Africa. I do take note that what part of my DNA is found in Europe are literally the places where the Roman Empire was from. That also accounts for the Greek as well. And Arabian. That thought just came to me recently. My 100x test points to Kenya. Another test tells me the Luhyah Tribe. Though on a lesser note is Congo and Saudi Arabia are next in line with Central Africa being the weakest. Other test reveal the Carribeans, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Haiti, South America, and parts of Mexico. All found through my Y DNA. My DNA uncovered a link to the Castro family. And once again funny you should mention Napoleon. We share Y DNA too. Right along with certain key families in Europe. Though I doubt they accept me. Of course I'm African. But certain parts of my lineage makes me question exactly how I got into America. There were two great mass migrations from Africa. The Transatlantic slave trade and the Northern slave trade done by the Arabs centuries before that. But then you mentioned Napoleon whom conquested Northern Africa and was thwarted by Her Majesty The Queen of Ethiopia and her army riding elephants. Napoleon also had a brother living in America along the East Coast during the slave trade. He made him leave America and made him a King in Europe. But everything you said showed up in my DNA. How did I end up with so much Royal Blood? I suspect there is some from Arabia too. They tried to claim the Ancient Egyptians from northern Arabia to southern Asia. Funny because I have that too. That includes DNA from Mongolia and also Siberia. Scratch my head on that one. I have been pointed to every region around Egypt. Just not Egypt. I have my suspicions. When I came around they changed the numbering system. I have my suspicions. Let me get back to sleep if I can.

  16. @2nacheki I have watched this video over and over. I really wanted to understand every word spoken. So I turned on the closed captioning so I could also read the subtitles. For what I have in mind there can be no mistakes made. Your accent is very thick at times. The captioning really helped me understand better. It is true to listen more than you do speaking. That way you gain great understanding. My journey into Africa began in Egypt. I plan on visiting another part of Africa next year. Where I have no clue yet. These things take time. Careful planning. I let my DNA speak to me and lead me to where I should go. My journey into Egypt showed me many places where I couldn't even touch my own property. So now I trace my DNA to another location. Funny you mentioned Napoleon. My Y DNA is very intriguing. And also bewildering. Nobody believes me even though I show them the facts.

  17. Do blk people really believe that white people donโ€™t know what they have stolen from blk people. Thatโ€™s like Nazis saying they donโ€™t know what they did to the Jews, for those who like things put in white terms

  18. The Jewel of America and the west, till tomorrow are the enslaved African peoples and the main motherland. Even though they treat us badly and try to remain paternalistic, we are still their daddies & mommies. They know that the moment Africa unite & speak with one voice, their silly domination over us will end and that era is more closer now than ever before.
    Can you imagine that twerp saying that they (the west) will never support ACFTA, who gave them such rights to dictate to us, how we should relate with each other?

  19. Some Americans never read their history, others know the history but just don't care. Their focus is ruling the world and keeping Africa down from developing because of its resources both human and natural resources. Africa get wise from all these education that denies Africans. Wake up Africa and break the yoke of slavery, exploitation and humiliation. Africa unite for that is what the colonialists fear most. God bless.

  20. So darn true. Those stolen & enslaved were master builder in every sense of the word which were withheld from us. HOWEVER, [ "we must first seek the KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH (Dr Ray Hagins) 2 set ourself FREE".] Then we can teach our SEEDS & the seeds of their seeds the TRUTH, which will erase the fales his-to-ri-an lies…ASรˆ..

  21. Africans built America and Europe. Our generations of labor, our blood, and our ingenuity. Itโ€™s now time for Africans to build Africa. Of course the US/EU would oppose the AfCFTA, they have either opposed or co-opted every initiative and movement that has sought to benefit and prosper African people. How many movements have they sabotaged? How many leaders and freedom fighters have they martyred? How many governments and economies have they sabotaged? Their influence has had a cancerous effect on our development as a people. Who cares if they approve or not? We must begin to act in the best interest of our people, we donโ€™t need validation from anyone, much less the architects of many of our woes. Africa is the only landmass on Earth that every other landmass needs. When African People are in full control of that wealth and the resources, the Euro-Supremacist system this world has been shaped by will be dealt the final nail in its coffin. Thatโ€™s what they fear, thatโ€™s why they oppose our self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Theyโ€™d rather assimilate and integrate us into their apparatus than allow us to create our own society. We have never needed them, they have always needed us. Itโ€™s time to build our own. ๐ŸŒโœŠ๐Ÿฟ

  22. @2nacheki If the African American Diaspora wanted to open up a space facility in Africa then would you open up that possibility to us? Would we have that safety for our scientist? This is for the African American Diaspora. Not anyone else. Not to mention pharmaceutical facilities as well. Science laboratories. Chemist laboratories. I'm not just talking about one of the countries. I'm talking about all across Africa. Can we set up communications networks? Automotive factories? Ore facilities? Mining facilities? Forestry? All while keeping our American Citizenship. Hotels and land ownership on top of mineral rights and aerospace rights? Welcome to the African American Diaspora looking to do business with you. Legal business. I told you the entire African American Diaspora have hundreds of billions of dollars in aggregate ready for investment. We need security. And we need access to opportunity. We don't want your scam artist. We want to deal with you. In return we'll build exactly what you need to better your territories. Africa… Are you really watching?

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