September 17, 2021

5 thoughts on “Topic: Repatriation

  1. Do you think that repatriation should be linked to reparations in the form of free DNA tests for example to link diasporans to the lands they were taken away from in terms of lineage???

  2. You have to have money so his announcement made things clear he is greedy and wanted the rich people only but what about then average earner???? Not everyone is rich from the whole diaspora not linked to Africa at all otherwise.

  3. The thing is the Americans going there with a saviour complex it is also because they have seen images of starving Africa and when met with a lack of resources though they may know Africa is wealthy, they may be impatient to see the development and want to identify but it's gonna be hard to learn languages for example and trust because of crimes they may suffer just by being different etc…it is easier to remember the bad experiences for example..but yes people need to do research but if you were looking to move and lived in America where they are literally hunting us and killing us as a people you are in no position to be patient and do research so sometimes Africans on the ground need to be more patient as well and stop expecting diasporans to not be RICH as the whites are because we were literally taken as slaves not Oprah!

  4. The thing is continental Africans born here chose to be here yes that's true whilst those born in the Caribbean for example, see themselves as the ones who did not choose to come to the West and were taken out by force so we wanna see what is going to be done to recompense for us being sold.

  5. It seems you have not any diasporans on your panel without an African name so this experience also is different as an African born Caribbean person growing here and being alienated for being black…it seems African Americans think Ghana is the only African country and Ghana seem to think America is the only diasporan country and the whole year of return seemed to be geared towards RICH Americans…but what if you are born in the Caribbean and return to a place you were taken away from by force? Shouldn't repatriation be linked with reparation in the sense of free DNA tests to determine a tribe for example but not necessarily monetarily?

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