May 23, 2022

39 thoughts on “TPLF on the Run, DR Congo Residents Rwandese Police, Kenyan Student has Solved Unsolvable Problem

  1. On a purpose on a purpose you are brainwashing people TDF Force they tell them you need to go back so they go back they don't run away b** b** they don't run away
    You selling lie and lie and the LIE

  2. Don't forget Egypt's hand in this. They worked with the West and caused the Sudan to switch sides to be against you. Remember your enemies and keep in mind who were friends, who remained silent and who sided with the enemy.

    Develop your country and go forward with the GERD and build infrastructure to bring your nation into the 21st century.

  3. In a few years to come, some pink thing/Caucasian will be claiming this solution as his, & the other ones will register him in all history books as being indeed the actual solver, & this brother's name shall vanish, whoever tries to reveal he was THE MAN will be labeled as crazy & jelous. 🤞🏿🤞🏿How many inventions by Africans globally have they stolen already?!!

  4. TPLF built thousands of schools many dozens of hospitals' universities to many other things to count 10% GDP Ethiopian economy was one of the fastest not in Africa but the world. And you start your video with TPLF terror group. You ought to be ashamed of your self .#TigrayWillPrevail

  5. I am sure you get the name “Ethiopia “ from social media and never read a book about Ethiopian history . Did you know Eritrean people fought for 30 years to get their independence from the only colonizer black African country called Ethiopia ?. Your infantile activism in the name of Africa is shameful when you label the people of Tigray and their organization TPLF a terrorist when the dictator Abiy Ahmed and Esayas of Eritrea spoon feed you their toxic politics in the name of PanAfricanism .😫🥱. By the way the people of Tigray are also Africans if really care about African people, just a reminder 😫

  6. It is madness to equate muscling dictators with pan-Africanism. Most African leaders are a butcher and want to kill their own people with false propaganda disseminating from controlled media under the government payroll

  7. Good that Tplf have been defeated… now let them be embraced brought into the fold they are our Brothers and sisters… punish the perpetrators the ones who instigated… the poor who were forced need to be retrained and brought to work together with the rest of the country and Africa… is awakening… and it starts from Ethiopia.

  8. I am proud to be an African. Its a honour for all Africans that Ethiopia's President Abiy Ahmad and all citizens are galant defenders of African State. The western double standards needs to be stopped peacefully. We are no more toys in the hands of these savages who think no good of Africans. If you Stop watching foreign news CNN, BBC and CO, then know that you are psychology upgraded. They tell bad news about Africa and lay siege on our collective unity and resources. Africa Unite

  9. With every accident or disaster the mainstream news are always quick to bring out numbers of dead, whiles these numbers are not even verified by authorities. In Western countries the media never talk about casualties in this early stage. AFRIKA YOU MUST CHANGE!!!

  10. Don’t even mention Eritrea 🇪🇷. Im Eritrean and please research about Eritrea as well. You all guys seem very lacking knowledge about Eritrea and Ethiopia. In Eritrea we have a very criminal dictator called Isaias Afewerki ruled Eritrea for 30 years and Eritrea became the poorest country in the world and its citizens fleeing the country and now joining with dictator Abiy to eliminate Tigray people. Very very very sad 😞

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