September 17, 2021

18 thoughts on “TRAVEL VLOG 2020 | Moving To South Africa

  1. Please ignore the ignorant comments. Probably people who've been stuck in 1 city their whole lives. Or it's simply just foreigners living in South Africa. Cape Town is the jewel of Africa and so is the rest of South Africa. That's why them white people didn't wanna go back to their ancestral land😆 I'd suggest you visit Durban next. South Africa's favorite coastal city situated in KwaZulu Natal province(Home often Zulu's). Very lush and has a Mediterranean/Tropical climate and it's very lush. It's less touristy than Cape Town but very beautiful and even though it probably has as many tourists you just don't know it cause it feels like home(black people everywhere as it should be) and there's quite a number of Indians there as well. Let me know if I can suggest some places😊x Enjoyed your blog btw ❤

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