September 21, 2021

40 thoughts on “Trevor Noah's Move From South Africa to the US

  1. Google got me into this mess and Google's gonna get me out of it.

    One day I'm gonna confidently say "Google Me" to get out of a sticky situation. But for now, we respect ourselves and we respect the Law. 🤣

  2. And here I'm 4 years later still looking at his old videos. This guy didn't change a bit. He's just as grounded and amazingly funny as he is. Love you Trevor ❤️

  3. He is really hilariously entertaining with his beatboxing comic gestures and not to mention his cute little dimples which are so tempting to resist

  4. Trevor: Im going to the mall to buy sneakers
    Me: If you where still living is South Africa you would be saying Im going to the shops to buy tekkies

  5. I do respect all comedians ,they made people happy .
    But when it is come to politic ( I prefer to be away from any things has to do with politic ,even comedian show (my personal opinion).
    When a person interested in comedian politic show ,and also interested in regular people life ( that has nothing to do with politic)(I mean the same comedian person like trevor Noah)
    Iam gonna watch more the comedian show that he hosts about regular life that make everyone laughing (far from any subject about politics)
    That's my personal opinion ,because I don't interested in politic ,and every else free to watch whatever they want .
    All respect to trevor Noah.

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