Trump Pardons Marcus Garvey

Trump pardons Marcus Garvey within the next 12 months. This is an intuitive prognostication based on our understanding of his personality. We know that he is a power-hungry demagogue who will do everything he can to maintain his presidency so that he can carry out his agenda of white supremacy. In order to be re-elected we know that he will try to cater to the desires of a wider group of African Americans aside from the brainwashed evangelicals whom he already controls. In fact, he is already in the process of appeasing Black America by pardoning several unjustly imprisoned Black people. In issuing a posthumous pardon to Marcus Garvey, Trump will hope to be seen as a person who is also sympathetic to Black America’s struggle for racial inclusion into the American Dream; the social condition whereby any hard-working person may achieve prosperity without being hindered by discrimination, marginalization, and racism.


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