September 17, 2023
Trying to get people to say "Black Lives Matter" instead of "BLM"

I noticed people who hate Black Lives Matter can never actually say “Black Lives Matter.” They always say “BLM.” So I tried to get them to say “Black Lives Matter.”

I had to edit out a couple words in this video so I could stay monetized.

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48 thoughts on “Trying to get people to say "Black Lives Matter" instead of "BLM"

  1. You're right, it's important to specify that you're not referring to the Bureau of Land Management. So it's best to always refer to Burn Loot Murder/Buy Large Mansions by one of its full names, so as to avoid confusion.

  2. Clever. Have you considered though that the fact people say BLM (referencing the organization) and not "black lives matter" is testament that they believe black lives matter? This behavior seems indicative of people taking issue with the organization known as BLM, rather than people born black. You seem to infer they are racist, but an honest, objective analysis should lead you to the opposite conclusion. A racist person would be perfectly comfortable with objecting to "black lives matter" instead of "BLM".

  3. Ben, while black lives DO matter, the organization of BLM is incredibly corrupt. I support the ideology that black lives (and all lives) matter, however I don't support the organization Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (which is often shortened to "Black Lives Matter", "BLMGN", or simply "BLM")

  4. How does someone's political stance affect you? How they feel about the black lives matter group is the equivalent of how some feel about the ku klux klan. The only difference is that one group has an insurmountable amount of deaths in comparison to those who represent the other group for a different cause. Both groups have followers that skew the meaning and reason for the groups existence but there is no confusion in numbers and factual evidence. This Era we're in is just internet and other people's opinions but not a direct inference or understanding or wanting to do the work of finding out for yourself or going out and asking questions.

  5. Biack lives matter is dumb as hell and only exists to further divide us. But what is even more dumb is someone saying they "used to love shopping at walmart" no one loves shopping at walmart. It's walmart.

  6. It's almost like people want to make it clear that they both believe that black people's lives matter but also that BLM is a shady organisation. By trying to get people to say the full name you're not actually supporting black people, you're supporting the organisation's attempt to overtake the civil rights movement and impose its practices and ethos on the same.

  7. In all fairness the distinction needs to be made.

    Black lives matter is a factual statement. BLM is a bunch of absolute fucking idiots who have been caught in their crazy bullshit way way WAY too many times to garner the respect from literally anyone. Yeah I wouldn't be caught dead supporting them either.

  8. This is funny but they named it Black Lives Matter specifically so if people opposed the ideas they could label them racist. It's like if not sees were called GLM instead. Then during debates they could just say you are just xenophobic against Germans if you don't like us, instead of simply not liking the ideas the group has.

    Black lives matter goals include destroying the family unit, among others, because it was founded by Marxist communist who said specifically it's a communist group.

    So yeah obv black lives matter, just like anyone else, but yeah I don't support the group.

  9. A video about virtue signalers not virtue signaling hard enough toward an organization that was and is a hate group, that is exposed for money laundering and being a grift only two years after this video.

    The left leaning people of this era will be the laughing stock of American history.

  10. Not sure what the problem is. Its an online forum. Are you really going to spell out Black Lives Matter every time? BTW, Black Lives Matter has little basis in reality. The biggest threat to black lives is . . . you guessed it, other black lives.

  11. Imagine working THIS hard just to get someone to say BLM spelled out and then only receive it in quotes at the end… All because you're so convinced that it would hurt us to say the whole phrase. Nah, just not worth the time to type it all out 😂

  12. They don't say it because the name is contradicts all the outcome that has come out of that company. BLM doesn't actually support black lives. All they do is sell merch and bitch about the police, as well as promote riots.

  13. The first 19 seconds of this video is insanely disingenuous. It’s reversing the issue.
    If I made an organization called Don’t Shoot Schools but it was a terrorist organization, you wouldn’t want to call it by its name because the name is designed to be misleading. It’s designed to de facto identify anyone that opposes it as bad. So I go and blow up a plane, and then turn around and go, “what, so you don’t support Don’t Shoot Schools? You want people to shoot schools.”

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