September 21, 2023
Tucker: Black Lives Matter is now a political party

And it may be the strongest political party in the United States. #FoxNews #

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29 thoughts on “Tucker: Black Lives Matter is now a political party

  1. This just amounts to black people wanting to commit crimes like they've always wanted.
    Let me disclaimer my opinion by saying, this does not mean I attach this sentiment to all black people.

  2. Sad, embarrassing, and gothically amusing, those decisions to create BLM parks and bureaucratic street graffiti now that the deceit, and fraudulence of those who created the scam movement have been exposed. The biggest crime is how much good all that money could have actually done for black folks…it should have been a movement by the people, for the people. (October 2022)

  3. I thought that Tucker Carson spoke the truth but what he is saying here lacks insight. As for losing sponsors well they shouldn't be sponsoring anyone in the first place because they cater to buyers not to political beliefs

  4. There's a reason why all this happens. So when any police officer comes to address a dispute resulting in the use of excessive force or deadly force being used by him you have to address the action and question it. This questioning of the actions taken is a natural result of thinking. When the actions are not address or ignored or delt with in a unbias way you may conclude by theses actions that justice has not been served. So I believe that defunding is a way of saying if you can't fix it then be done with it. Be done of it in the name of so many that have loss their lives unjustifiably . To defund means to do away with the means of buying weaponry of excessive force not to do away with the public institution. But in the absence of real solutions one would be led to conclude that it's the only one.

  5. In the San Francisco Bay Area public entities are strongholds for white supremacy ideologies and behaviors. From the Contra Costa County fire department trying to frame innocent people of color with crimes to the racist behaviors of the Walnut Creek police department and CHP northern Bay Area racism is systemic and institutional in the Bay.
    God is Love.

  6. George Floyd was killed by police officers in public while onlookers recorded video on their phones. As a result of that iconic attrocity, Black Lives Matter has now become a powerful politiclal entity.

  7. George Floyd was excecuted in public at tax-payer expense while onlookers recorded cellphone video. Now Black Lives Matter is a national polictical voting block that has to be reckoned with.

    Thank you, Tucks, for reminding us about the legacy of that attrocity.

  8. America's biggest mistake was allowing freedom. We gave them that freedom and what have they done with it? Us white Christians need to get back to our roots and re-establish slavery according to exodus 21. Trump is the one who will do that. They need guidance from us. This is the only way our country will be blessed. God is not happy with them.

  9. CANCEL THIS STUPID SHOW AND GET RID OF THE NEVER ENDINGLY Angry POLITICALLY POLARIZED WEAPONIZED OPINION BASED MEDIA COMMENTATOR HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE SATANIC POSSE'D ANGRY AT THE CAMERA POLITICAL corrupt negative sensationalism grafter poorly skilled PREACHER DUDE or at least put him rightly where we can throw rotten tomatoes at him, and Depends if they're Fox News viewers over 65. Cause that seems fair and balanced.. If no one can bad talk Black lives matter how is this Tucker gender specialist guy doing it? He clearly just talking crap to make people mad and lead their minds with their aggression hormones instead of their actually can clearly think

  10. I'm with Al Gore on this one black lives matter that's why I'm inventing a product called a busy bug off let you know when black people come in your store because black lives matter

  11. Black lives matter has been funded by george sorro For many years this is not. Something I didn't expect when you have that kind of money behind you you can do whatever you want and get away with it and they are because they are. Black lives matter

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