September 22, 2023
Tucker: 'Here's Proof The CIA Staged A Coup Against President Nixon' | You Have Been LIED To!

Tucker lays out step-by-step how Watergate was a CIA-FBI Op against Richard Nixon. The Deep State staffed the Washington Post with fate “reporter” Bob Woodward and the FBI fed him information

FACT: Nixon was the most popular President in our lifetime


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47 thoughts on “Tucker: 'Here's Proof The CIA Staged A Coup Against President Nixon' | You Have Been LIED To!

  1. Lock these demons out!
    Enough is enough!

    I can't, i am not American, nor visit your country, they know i am out for them!

    Everything they do is block me!

  2. The federal reserve system is the system that was created on jekyll Island and is the creation that they said it's alive its alive. Anything talked about and created in secret isn't for the benefit of large amounts of people. They created a system that enslaves every American citizen for the rest of their lives

  3. The govt has always been illegitimate. They have hollowed out, weakened, rebelled against and Murdered Christian Monarchies all across Europe.
    How do you take the good guys out? You slander them and turn public opinion against them. Hence why our Monarchies where called "bad" or "oppressive".
    They outright murdered Czar Nicolas and his family in cold blood. Once the position of leader was empty, garbage entered in, Luciferians.
    This is literally Christians being hunted even to this very moment and destroyed.
    Our most recent? Merrick Garland and the FBI hunting Traditional Latin Mass Catholics.
    We are NOT free! We are NOT SAFE!!

  4. Several years ago I was working as a vacation travel agent, and was booking travel for a retired General, who had served in Vietnam. He met Nixon when he was president. Nixon had dinner with the General and several others. He told them, that he knew there were plans in the Govt, to take him out of office. It was shortly after that, that Watergate happened.

  5. God bless you and Tucker for talking about this. The more I learned about Watergate, the more convinced I became that it was a political hitjob. I'm so grateful that you guys are shining a light on it.

    Once, I even saw a Democrat admit that they wrote "fan letters" to the judge and reporters responsible for convicting Nixon. I can't believe anyone would cheer that on. This shows that democrats and the deep state have not changed. This has always been their MO.

  6. And this is why I don’t trust the government!
    President John F.Kennedy was assassinated by our own government!! This is so maddening!! We want the truth!! Then and now!!

  7. They have sold our country out , the home of our children and their children. They have no compassion and the House must close the DC, FBI, CIA, and the justice department and replace them with military experts.

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