September 18, 2023
Tupac Exposes The FBI / COINTELPRO (Says They're Targeting Him)

35 thoughts on “Tupac Exposes The FBI / COINTELPRO (Says They're Targeting Him)

  1. Undercover black panthers now they have undercover black lives matter protesters to tarnish the movement and make it seem like its some vigilantly group out for justice a lot of those people are paid to cause confusion

  2. If us americans can all unite and we the people over come the cointel program. They already wont to put everybody in fema camps. Seems to me FBI CIA all of them are there own gansters. But they put americans in prision but they can get away with murder and dope slinging. But us as americans i say again they wont us in prison. And for us to fight kill one another. And keep brain washing americans. This cointel program is a bunch of shit here in america. One love people. Knaw i really no what fight the power mean stay strong unite as one take our country back. Becouse we suppose to be the goverment not the goverment tell or get us to do what they wont. One love

  3. You won't ever hear this interview being used in any medium – this shit is WAAAAAAY too real for practically 99% of society, especially in this day and age when internet memes, celebrity hyper worship and smart phone addiction has practically dissolved youth intellect.

  4. J. Edgar Hoover was not a homosexual. That's a myth. The Black Panthers disbanded because of internal reasons, and they were extremists who may have had good intentions, but the results were not exactly stellar, to put it lightly. Interracial mixing is pretty damn unavoidable in a melting pot.

    2pac sounds like a nut at some points.

  5. The panthers were succsesfull because they influenced many other strong leaders and breeded many strong people..just like tupac..and tupac influenced many more

  6. This man was only 25 years old when he was killed.. He knew too much and had too big of a platform, was definitely "taken out".. Too bad, I loved the guy and his ideas

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