May 22, 2022

25 thoughts on “U.S. Special Envoy Lose Job for Africa Screwup, Gabon Ghana Join UN Security Council, KFC Buckle

  1. We want to move away from white man, yet government is still making business with them! How can we be importing grasses to the grass! Vegetables from white man to black man!? This is foolishness! We still have farms government allowed us to us our farms

  2. African People should start frying Chicken πŸ” and 🍟 fries to sell in the busy market place. Small business people with good cooking 🍳 skills can do it… KFC ,They make good money, if the locals can produce a good healthy product with ample refrigeration and spices, you can do it also have a way to serve it. A bag for the chicken and a container for the 🍟 fries. Team up with local chicken farmers and potato πŸ₯” farmers. Chickens don't need to grow to be too old for frying, egg chickens need more time to grow, so farmers must decide what kind of chicken they want to grow, for frying chickenπŸ— or for eggs πŸ₯š and concentrate on one type. FRY Chicken is a faster business I think 6 to 8 weeks of heavy feeding and water πŸ’§ and some vegetable matter to grow them quickly. Sell it in parts, legs, wings, thighs, breast, sell the backs for home use to make chicken soup. This a great opportunity for healthy local food sellers to break into the fry chicken and fries 🍟 πŸ˜‹ market. It will make you big money πŸ’° if you can set up an attractive location and a tasty product!! May ABBA YAH bless your effort πŸ‘Œ well.

  3. And don't matter who went to Ethiopia do not trust them only 1 mission for them to destroy good mankind out of the Earth they are Missionary of Antichrist dont be a foolsh look back and rethink again

  4. Why Ghana and Gabon 3time not try different countries because far as I'm concerned UN haven't done any peaceful solution in Africa except divide the continent how that happens under the Ghana watch listen?

  5. Kenyans believe that Story ……. kfc??…. telling "We going use local potatoes"means……. We make u happy…… also make sure you tell … all of of Africa kfc??……Must use only local,so potatoes cutting are local jobs too…… everybody potatoes Cutter ……… big check?? lol….. No joke
    Africa leaders……… Not creating local jobs,so the Youths….. Standup. If they bring Outside company……… meaning, big money their buckets??……… so Kenyans, wTch,how much they 'r buying potatoes farmers?…… so we know.
    ask questions………??
    Creating jobs……. Cutting….. your economy first
    Peace….. yo

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