August 14, 2022

23 thoughts on “Uganda arrests ADF Terrorist, Bride Price Mandatory in Zimbabwe, Tanzania to Investigate Fish Deaths

  1. Why is this channel so anti-Somalia? Why do you only mention Somalia when there’s a terrorist attack or a political disagreements. Where is the positive reporting on Somalia. For example how Somalia’s economy has continued to grow even though Somalia was affected by COVID-19 like the rest of the world and on top of that Somalia has been facing a continuous droughts for the past 3/4 years. Also due to Somalia economic growth the IMF is letting go of Somalia’s debt to the world bank or African development bank. Furthermore, AMISOM deadline is the 31st and will be changed to ATMIS, handing over security operations to the SNA till the 2024 when AU soldiers go home. I don’t want to see negative reporting of Somalia here all the time. If I wanted that I would go to BBC, CNN etc.

  2. Mnangs has time on his hands. Why create a law for something that is already covered by custom, and well loved and respected? So if and when this law is repealed will that make roora unlawful. What nonsense and unnecessary complication. Mnangs should be making laws to deal with the chinese decimation of our environment with their non stop pollution of our land and decimationof our wildlife.

  3. Africa Barbados Cuba Haiti Brazil Jamaica All the Caribbean islands Venezuela Trinidad an African American Diasporia We All Should Create Program For Each Other African Nations Countries and Joining partnership in Building projects for each African Nations Infrastructure projects Defeating Poverty projects Together Export and Import Goods to each other's African Nations Countries helping each other Job Market's and Economy Government's infrastructure Buildings projects and Help Funding Each Other Countries an Economy Government's and Help Joining Together Military Wise to Help Fight Terrorists Extremist Groups in Africa an Defeat Poverty All These African Nation's Will Benefit From Each Other's Economy Government's infrastructure an All Africa Counties Nation's Military Join together to help Each other Countries to Fight Terrorists Extremist Groups in Each African Nations We Are One African's

  4. Most of your African countries are westernized politically and judicially.Their parliaments are European and they even wear wigs like the colony.So even if their leaders “speak like an African”,it means nothing when they never mention the control of resources.

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