May 27, 2022

46 thoughts on “Uganda President Scathing Speech Calling All Africans a Disgrace for Depending on the West

  1. The big problem of you African leaders you know all about it and you talk about it, you yourself give the world example by fighting corruption for really because that is mother of all that when your greedness and cowdeness make you sell out your continent. Always will be your fault more than Westerns. For them is fine. Not then who have to.fight for you to be free from their present colonisation. If you are not comfortable with it. fighting it yourself. History will judge your generation

  2. I wonder how many people in Africa are involved in 2nachecki News. If it’s only us Africans that don’t live in our bordered country’s we have to find a quicker way to take from here and bring back what’s ours. Our we leave and build a bigger empire which I prefer..

  3. Some Africa leader dont even know what meant to be a leader. remember they education from colonialism system they teached them how to hate themselves that why world never respect Africa but let's keep pray to our ancient African those that die for Unites and seeking for help

  4. Africa still dependent outside because some of those Africa leader are descend of slave trade they are interesting obeyed they master then Africa freedom

  5. Isn't Uganda showing dependence on the west when you are taking in the Afghanistans REFUGEES for money instead of taking on poor Haitians your brothers and sisters sleeping 😌 out in the hurricane with after shocks,?

  6. As an African American my whole life I've seen Africans come and learn many skills from us. Why are they not implementing this training and knowledge back in the Motherland? It's as if all Africans and descendants ate cursed. We have the tools but are afraid to use them.

  7. I never agree with most of the African rulers except for one or two. But what museveni said about the chiefs is spot on. I lost respect for many of these illiterates called chiefs, they achieved nothing for black Africans. In fact many colluded with foreign slave masters, European imperialists and colonisers.That is their legacy.

  8. We need more of our leaders like him saying the we need to wake up I totally agree I have question I Am ADOS and I reside in the US but I want to travel to home country via safely what is the best way to go…

  9. He was definitely Unapologetic and truthful I like when he said it's a bad thing but good comes out of it… also I like when he said that people have been sleep and they need something to wake them up" definitely not coffee…lol" but and the Sense that the people have to be stirred up and stimulated into action Africa wake and arise you are the mother of creation.. show us how it's really done..

  10. What about himself in his youth??Protect your Child & Loved Ones, learn the Truth About Vaccination Programs, read the Historic, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker & Attorney Theodore A Strecker.

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