September 19, 2021

41 thoughts on “Ugandan Moving to USA |greencard work,culture food & more

  1. Hey jalia. Is there sponsorhip, vacancies. Or any work to join there. Or companies that helped u to go… Coz am done here in saudi by feb and am interested also… Can u please help… Love u bingi❤️

  2. Hello sis Jalia hope ur fine. plz dear I need ur guidance have been working as a maid in Jordan now my boss is telling me to process visa to Chicago i stay with her while going out for work plz plz plz i need ur guidance I will be very great full Mukwano nga onzizeemu thanks.

  3. I really love you baby gril this is siyama in UAE am from uganda too l just like everything about you am also on u tube trying . I ve been watching ur vidoes one by one subscribing with much love and respect ❤❤l wish we can get contacted sweetheart🙏🙏

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