January 16, 2022


  1. Their no health insurance there. If you have health insurance, do you still have to pay up front? How much do you have to bribe?
    Do you bring up the amount? Could you apply for some of these visa’s or licenses on line?

  2. . #Gabby Mack. Clearly this woman is looking for the popularity and attention she couldn’t get in the USA😆. Else why spice your narrative with lies? The emergency or hospital narrative was a lie. No hospital turn people away in Ghana. If you don’t have the government insurance you pay later. The entertainment and few other issues were also lies. Though there were some truth. But I wonder why she chose to add lies? 🤔Any way this is my own opinion about people moving to Ghana. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with you persay. I’m only concerned. Ghana is considerably small. Our relatives who were captured to the western world are now coming home. Mostly to Ghana. Then our neighbors Nigerians who already have their own land and country are also trooping down. Buying up most of the lands and properties in Ghana because of their bigger economy and easy access to oil money. Any rational citizen who loves his/her country would be concerned. Besides, look at the population of Nigeria nah. The way they are trooping down is quite alarming truth be told. Based on my experience and interaction with Nigerians at de university and living close in de same neighborhood… my sister let me leave it here. No offense dear just speaking my mind.

  3. Ghana is not the USA. We have our challenges, so do the USA. If the USA were to be paradise as they made us believe they will not think of relocating to Africa, Ghana to be specific. Corruption is not only in Ghana. It is everywhere. Ghana's corruption may be largely financial, but what is more corrupting than racism, abuse of power, moral decadence, subjugation as happens in the USA?

  4. This lady has said it all. Everything is about bribery or you must know a big man if not nothing works for you. It is the same way everywhere in all African countries. Iam a Nigerian watching 4rm Malta Island.

  5. Sista when you get to Ghana leave all the previlege in the plan as soon as you touch Africa because it's different thinking different life style
    Do not try to change them follow what they do that's the advice I will give you being from there and living in the US

  6. Sista when it comes to food @ Mid-afternoon People are working and hustling no time to eat when you finish working @ night then you can look for food to eat and sleep

  7. Sista you see when it comes to talk about bribery let's be genuine and sincere in the US they are called LOBBYIST they bribe the Politicians Sista that's what you you have to understand

  8. I got dengue and let me tell you , I was in bad shape for 4 months, and the clinic I went was HORRIBLE, thank god I had money with me, but that's exactly how you mentioned…… better stay home and try to fix yourself from YouTube LOL nurses were terrible and useless and the doc…. I have no word. LOL

  9. I'm not Ghanian, I'm researching but US health care is one you shouldn't praise in your mind lol. The cost is so bad, yet there is no difference healthcare service to Europe. US developed but still can get charged extortionate prices for medical.

  10. Gabby,iam a upper middle class entitled white boy,I have a question,Your beautiful first off,How would a rich single american white man be treated by the natives .I have been watching other channels with black americans moving to africa,Many say they are treated badly,because of racism by the africans toward black americans The africans think the black americans will take their jobs,change there culture,,,If they treat black americans badly,how do they treat wealthy american white boys,color me curious.thanks russ.

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