March 25, 2023

Controlled hunting of wildlife not only supports communities, it actually improves conservation efforts and should not be outlawed, argues Charles Jonga, Director of the CAMPFIRE Association in Zimbabwe
On Friday 17 March, the UK Parliament is due to vote on a private members’ bill that would impose a total ban on the importation of hunting trophies.  
While the politicians who support a total ban do so with the best intentions, this is a huge mistake and runs counter to the scientific evidence proving that regulated and licensed hunting can play an important role in conservation. It also infringes upon our right to self-determination as independent nations. We’re calling on Africans to speak up to tell the UK Government to listen to the scientists, respect our sovereignty, and think again about imposing a policy which would be damaging to our continent. 
A total ban on trophy hunting is opposed by conservationists and community groups across Africa,…

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