August 12, 2022

39 thoughts on “UK is Suspending Visas for Nigerians in Favor for Ukrainian Nationals

  1. So African leaders are your eyes finally opening up,so when are you guys going to take back our lands,natural resources and develop Africa to make it united state of Africa . We can be a power house we have all what it takes

  2. Why I'm I not suprised if this don't motive Africans to start a revolution to rid Africa of our useless puppet leaders so that we can usher in the real Pan African leaders who care about the well being of our people and our continent, this will continue these cave beasts from europe having being showing us how they feel about us it's high time we did like the Chinese the Indians and everyone else and start doing what's best for the progress of our people and pay these devils back in their own cion as soon as we build the Africa of our dreams.

  3. The UK and NATO had bases in Ukraine and are upset because Putin destroyed them.
    They were disguised as Ukrainian Training Camps.The UK also has a shipyard in Ukraine and before Russia can get to it the Ukrainian soldiers are slated to destroy it rather than let it fall into Russian hands …
    ON the other hand Britain is responsible for creating the country of Nigeria partitioning it with the Delta known as Cameroon .This mandate has expired about so why are you still calling your country by that name .You should return it to the name it was originally called.

  4. Probably because Ukrainians homes are being destroyed so they currently take priority 🤔 Good job on this channel for fueling racism though 👍

  5. Come on Nigerians and all other Africans, have some pride, stop fleeing your homelands vs. working to make them better. Nobody wants you because they don't respect you. They don't respect you because you don't respect yourselves. Unite and become great. Other people are not your allies or saviors, you must respect and save yourselves.

  6. Why are Nigerians so eager to migrate to foreign countries outside of Africa who do not want them. Africa needs to unite and make itself a place people do not want to leave but instead want to migrate to.

  7. Europe and UK are mostly white people, they will always put their race first.
    It's time for Africans to do the same, we cant rely on those people to develop our continent.
    We need to refocus on ourselves and our people.

  8. this was expected they are taking care of family family first always zaddy don't love you get over it 🤡 👀✌

  9. WAIT A MINUTE??! 🧐 Are Nigerians the only ones applying for UK Visas? What about all the other thousands of Races, are they denying them? I am Black British born of Jamaican parents and as usual This is not on the FAKE News, I had to come here to find it! OK Nigeria, do the same! UK media and governments have always treated refugees like ‘scum’. Except for now, they REALLY care, ‘cos they are WHITE! YOU also suspend any WHITE visas coming from UK. Time to build up your Country and UNITE! UK Whites are looking out for their WHITE neighbors (who are not even a part of NATO) it’s time guys, “LET’S MAKE AFRICA GREAT AGAIN!”

  10. I agree with both of you. 1)Stop viewing white folks as gods. Africa has everything it needs, both natural and human resources. 2) Build up and stay at your own house. Europe has nothing but poor to moderately educated white folks, stolen artifacts and whitewashed history. with a very physically and spiritually cold environment. The stolen god, money, is gone. The days of their being a world power is over. People, they don’t own the Bible,we do. Their world is done and they are very scared. Please check out Genesis 15: 12-14, Jeremiah 16: 19-21, go online for 2Esdras 6:9 (the ‘holy’ Catholic Church removed that book from the Bible). The Pope and his Cardinal says “the most Christian country on earth is the Ukraine, the second Poland “. No condemnation about the recent racism displayed by Ukraine, Poland, or any white reporters. The plea for All Christians Around the World Pray for the Conversion of Russia to the True Catholic religion (Vatican, Russia is Orthodox Catholic, false). Then WW3 Won’t Happen.” You Black and Brown folks need to leave this Christianity alone (Dum DIVERSA and Right of Discovery). This is their white lie and you colored folks from Africa, Asia and Latin America will Never be good enough for their white Heaven. This world is their Heaven. Stop praying against you Own Salvation.

  11. Nigerians need a serious introspection. The word hate is very strong yet in all honesty, they're not always welcome in many regions of the world. The whole of Asia delights in executing them whenever they get the chance. Southern Africa despises them. Now Europe is using the war as an excuse to recuse them from their territories.

    I mean nor disrespect or harm to them, but something needs to be done. If Nigeria has to be split. Then so be it because wow, the whole of Africa will soon not be welcome anywhere outside of Africa because of scourge thats be gradually created on the image of black people by some Nigerian brothers and sisters.

    I am curious as why though? The world over??? Come on guys. And please don't attack and do not say "no country is perfect " or "people are jealous of Nigerians " or any other ego boosting rhetoric.

  12. Africans, are you awake now? How much disrespect do you need from these people before you stay home and fix your own countries. If they're bringing money into your country that will benefit the citizens, ok. If not, why are they there other than to undermine and exploit you? They are not special, and should NOT be treated like they are.

  13. It's called taking care of your own, something you whining Africans need to learn start taking care of your own build your own ,cheap race card don't work here.
    You be waiting a long time
    Well GOTS to go ,don't aks Europe.

  14. Fake African leaders. Was it not President Buhari who threatened to sanction Russia? Wanting to defend the interests of Westerners, we see where this leads.

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