July 5, 2022

26 thoughts on “Ukraine War Shows Us Just How Horrifically Racist Western Media is Towards Africa

  1. African origin peaple around the world, doesn't deserved respect…because they had all spitted on their Africans culture, their origin, to live as westerners domestics pets animals…..African today's must watched ama Mazama, abbé guillome,videos learned about their true history, about how they became Christians and Muslims….Because if the learned that their ancestors let themselves converted, to save their PEAPLE from death, exterminated…they will surely returned to their African culture, show the world that they also had a past, a history….to get the respect they deserved from others…
    The westerners and their medias had always been racists…they fooled the world, hiding the truth from the world population, by critizing India as the most dangerous country for women, Indianmen as rapists, but never talked about their porn industrie, (that's they succeed to make their most profitable business after slaves abolition) which condemned all their females citizens till kindergarten to end as sexual products for life….and their male citizens who travels to rape little girls in all poor countries with their dirty money, and created prostitution in those countries, which make brothers, sons grow up as Rapists to revenge their mothers, sisters…they criticized INDIA, because they stole all their inventions from India, as they cannot exterminated the Indians, as they did with aborigins, native American, they had no choice to fool the peaple by critizing India as a Rapists country….all African must know that India is the best country in the world, because India has always put humanity before profit….they must watched India media, like WION who is the best media in the world, because their journalists are professional, as they all neutral, not like the western journalists who always criticized Russia…to promote the USA as God…

  2. All africans, Asians, south/Latin countries must joined Russia to end the western monopoly, those who stole the world, made slaves to become the most richest countries……the USA and the western countries want to monopolise the whole world to re-install colonisation and slavery and made others lived as their domestics pets animals for life….so the non western countries, ex western colonised countries must support Russia, to end the western monopoly, save their children's from slavery….hope that this message succeed to convince all non western population to join Russia and end the western monopoly….

  3. Nothing new about western History tells the horrible story. No one needs to be convinced. We live it daily in the U S A. Through minipulation and deception it's very much the same. Superior is the goal. Pride keeps u blind and block The truth and reality. We know the nature of sepremist. So now what will we do ?

  4. No… NATO bomb Yugoslavia 20 years ago in Eastern Europe… 78 days just drop bombs everyday including civilian n embassies without warning.
    In the name of what?

  5. Yesterday's concert to raise money for Ukraine showed western racism too. It raised over $10m for white refugees, compared to the meager $140m raised over 30 years ago for black refugees.

    Oh, wait a minute, that doesn't fit your narrative, better keep quiet.

  6. Don't blame western medians, African Leaders and people has a lot to learn and yet they don't assimilate and try to build their societies. It is time for Africa to wake up We. can only defeat the predicaments they see in us through tangible
    developments Go, look at nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore etc, they have nothing to envy the West . Instead of wise and collective decisions and developments in Countries of Africa, they indulged themselves in tribalism nepotism, religious beliefs segregations.
    The best amongst us are not always given the positions to enhance developments.
    Look example of case study like Nigeria,she has both the human and all Natural resources to proper and stand tall among
    Developed Nations of the world , yet, her society are the most poor and ravaged with lacks.They are intelligent but to rob, No good roads, no Electricity, no good transportation, mosquitos causing malarias are ravaging the people. Kidnapping everywhere.
    We Africans , have ourselves to blame.
    The white Caucasian, came to us, took us out from jungle though not without pains and looses, thoughts us .We learned from them, instead of us to take the right part to our developments , we always cry but, what do you expect, not untill Africans learn to put their house in order, the outsiders will always treat us bad

  7. The Europeans love to hear about discord, corruption and conflict in Africa. Not only does it suit them but the Europeans have been actively encouraging it for many years – weak and disunited chaotic African countries are to Europe's advantage.
    They want to sell to Africa but they don't want to buy anything from Africa and why should they when they've got used to stealing whatever they've wanted for centuries ?

  8. All main stream media is full of lies and propaganda! Stay away from main stream media at all cost! Support independent journalism to keep truth alive!

  9. For the day of the Lord is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head.
    Obadiah 1:15

  10. They utilize the media to keep track of what is taking place across the world 🌎. They use war as a weapon to dominate the land mass of the earth 🌍 while they exploit and use the resources of a foreign adversary. They have masterminded the Art of War to remain in power, globally🔥🔥

  11. i cant wait till Africa becomes rich and flourish once again body-mind and soul. with all the natural resources she has, she can be what she was once and kick all the other countries from taking their resources 🙂 and become independent and have unity amongst them 🙂

  12. Everyone is preoccupied with the death, destruction, and the devastation of their country, and of course because there is limited time to cover all things, many other important things will be pushed back and some things further back. Africans have only one subject and that is race, and how they are perceived and received, not by other Africans, but by white people.

    I am glad that you are making a case for how you are perceived to be treated by the white media, but where are the African media, and of all the black countries in the world, how come you do not have an African media to cover your stories?
    We need your sterling example of how you covered the wars in the Congo, and the many, many others in Africa. When you treat your own people like slaves, and utter garbage by mercilessly committing genocide (like in Rwanda, Uganda, and the parasitism of Mugabe and Charles Taylor, and so many others) what examples are you leaving us as to how to treat you?

    You are so heartless towards your own people, that white people must go to Africa to drill water wells for you, run pipes to deliver water to villages, or to treat children afflicted with intestinal parasites, and you do nothing for your own people. Just build a few model villages/towns in Africa to showcase self sufficiency, ingenuity, and progressiveness. You would not do even that, but you are even depending on whites to give you significance as human beings, and when they don’t do it everyday, you say of them that “ they think they are superior”.

    Is the truth not that you have an inferior complex, and yes, you want progress, and would like to show to the rest of the nations or is it colours of the world, that you are equal to them in everything, (and this doubtless a great goal) but you do not know how to do it, and your greatest efforts collapse in confusion, among your leaders?

    Please give us some examples of unity among you; some examples of progress; and equal to the opportunities that exist in Africa, show us how much you care about your own people by your compassion, and goodness for your own downtrodden.

    But you have latched on to something by which to lay guilt for your mischief, dereliction, and fecklessness, upon white people, under the currently fashionable guise of racism. Should the western media all land in Africa to showcase to the rest of the world, the backwardness, barbarism, and heartlessness of Africans? This door swings both ways.

  13. not to mention the maidon protests in ukraine which was quite bloody, ending in a coup in 2014. not to mention the persistent intermittent violence at the borders of the ukraine for the last 8 years with those who have conflicting views of allegience ,as many russians live in ukraine. not to mention azov. civilized indeed!

  14. Rascism and ethnic cleansing exist in Europe, how civilized are they?. So longs as NATO can pick and choose who their enemies are (non NATO members), such behaviour could encourage NATO members to continue atrocities around the world. European people(s) are wiser than their chosen leaders. I know why! Europeans are going to see more grave yards sooner than you think so long as USA makes European decisions,: serves its interest not Europens'.
    Remember that Europeans & USA are the most cruel & brutal people on Earth. Check history of wars. WWIII is brewing in the pot even when Ukraine/Russia war ends very soon because Ukraine will regroup by the help of the WEST (proxy war) and retaliate, that's when the vocano of war starts. In WWIII, the rest of the world will fight Europe & NATO, Europe will be the biggest looser. Make peace with Russia (your own European) and dump USA, the money making machine; their interest and you know it.! How could accepting Minsk agreement turn into a war! SHAME on you world leaders!


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