At first I saw Young Pharaoh on Umar Johnson & General Seti situation then I saw Dr. Umar Johnson – How The Beef Between Him And Seti Started and did you see DR UMAR JOHNSON EXPLAINS HIS RANT ON GENERAL SETI what do you know about RE: DR UMAR JOHNSON RANT ON SARA SETI HOTEP DRAMA who saw DR. UMAR JOHNSON- (12/29/2016) INTERVIEW AFTER SARA SETI & HOW THIS BEEF GOT did you hear about Dr Umar Johnson vs Sara Suten Seti . An albino man speaks out about Umar’s comments did you know about Sara Suten Seti responds to Dr. Umar Johnson, by taking the high road?
who saw Sa Neter Responds to Dr Umar Johnson Calling out Seti where did you see Polight, Umar, Sa Neter, nor Seti are a Proper Depiction Conscious Community | Special Edition who knows about O-Gods Thoughts On Dr Umar Johnson Decapitating Sarah Snorting Seti! who knew about Dr Umar Johnson Apologizes to the Black Community for Gen`s Seti Rant who heard about Hakim Green Speaks On The Sara Suten Seti/Dr. Umar Johnson Beef how did you hear about Goddess Aayanna~ “Conscious” Drama Dr Umar and SETI where did you hear about General Seti 2nd Response To Dr. Umar Johnson “Stay the F*ck Outta My Business!!”
when did you first see Dr. Umar Johnson VS Sara Suten Seti when did you first notice Dr Umar vs General Seti Hotep beef? Uncle Hotep chimes in when did you see King Noble On Fake Thug Celebrity Conscious Community Beef: Seti, Umar, Polight, Sa Neter, when did you notice Dr Umar Johnson & General Seti are Embarrassing. Conscious Communities are Failing. how did you see THE SHOW EP BROTHA UMAR JOHNSON VS SETI AMEN RA SQUAD SNIPER @IT AGAIN YUNG how did you notice Umar Johnson VS General Seti (Who Was Wrong?)
At first I saw Reaction in Detail – Dr. UMAR VS. SETI then I saw Seti and Umar Johnson Why Yall Clownin? and did you see Sara Suten Seti Declines The Debate With Umar Johnson what do you know about Dr Umar Johnson VS Sara Suten Seti | King Kong Consciousness who saw Dr. Umar Johnson vs General Seti ( the fall of consciousness) did you hear about Dr. Umar Abdul Johnson vs. General Sara Suten Seti RBG or WWE? did you know about Dr Umar Johnson Has Some Words For General Sara Suten Seti and The Conscious Community
who saw Umar Johnson vs Sara Suten Seti – @Vibehi weighs in… where did you see Sara Suten Seti Should Take That Debate Against Dr Umar Johnson who knows about Dr. Umar Johnson responds and rants about Sura Suten Seti – Brother Ben X reaction who knew about Dr.Umar Johnson VS. Sara Seti???


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A free-thinking individual who strives to maintain psychological balance between the two polar aspects of Human Nature; Desire and Conscience. However, These conditions can never be balanced because inertia will carry us to extremes. Balance is a constant struggle therefore I live by the principles of the HERU Interface