May 22, 2022

45 thoughts on “UN Ignoring TPLF Atrocities, Jacob Zuma Ordered Back to Jail, Ghana Now 8th Biggest African Economy

  1. Why would the Nigerian government give raises to law enforcement when the police have been found highly corrupt and terroristic towards Nigerian citizens? The leadership is rewarding bad behavior by claiming higher pay would keep law enforcement from turning to corruption. It never worked in the USA and it surely won't work in Nigeria!

  2. They ignored because TPLF and the UN is one and the same disguised with our own people. Sad but true, so not only do we have to beware of these devils, but we got to also beware of the angents that were sent by them and most times if not all it's the very people that looks like us and that is the wicked nature of the devil, projecting its evil in ways you would not have imagined but once you assume the absolute worse when dealing with them you will know what to expect and how to put measures in place to pin point, avoid and keep their wicked deeds from harming you in any way shape or form

  3. Afrika and our Afro Diaspora must aggregate our ideas, skills, and available resources to establish our self preservation and independence from "All Non-Afrikan and Non-Afro Diaspora Nations" We must not allow ourselves to continue to be subjugated and exploited.

  4. When or where have you ever heard about America or Britain raising the pay cheque of their Police ? You should cease from such bush journalism in Africa. Pay increases in Nigeria concerns only Nigeria and nobody else !

  5. @2nacheki While I'm thinking about it how come you've never asked those celebrities coming over there from the African American Diaspora for their list of contacts? You mean they never thought enough about you to bring you the African American Diaspora as an answer to your prayers? They thought that little of you? While looking at your plight? Or was they merely trying to bring to you more of the same that you were already getting from Europe? Rather than bringing their own your business? I would have to scratch my head and yours on that one.

  6. Canada – What risks are associated with Huawei's investments in data centers on the continent ? Sounds like propaganda from the American failed state – see Jan. 6, 2021 !.

  7. Pseudo journalism is being used as an effective tool to serenade a barbaric regime. How about questioning the underlying reason Abiy Ahmed does not allow unfettered access to the media? Do you know you are deliberately disseminating unfounded allegations against the very #Genocide victim? As fellow African, you were supposed to try to seek the truth and respect to the inviolable rights of the people. The government has cut off electric, telephone, water, banking, food distributions and other vital services. It has been a year since medicines were allowed to come to Tigray. Further the Ethiopian regime has paid foreign governments to invade Tigray massacre and rape its people. And you are spreading the same monotonous lies. You have to be ashamed of your self.

  8. I urge you to go and read the atrocitie reports that came out today by amnesty international on western Tigray committed by amhara militia and a group known as ' FANO' … you will not have the stomach for it .TIGRAY WILL PREVAIL

  9. Yeah! I was born in London, UK but my parents are from Ghana and Iā€™m happy to see my motherland doing well economically in Africa. Yes Ghana! šŸ‡¬šŸ‡­

  10. When us in the Africa Diaspora return to the continent, we will remove those Data centres. YOU CANNOT ENTRUST AFRICAN DATA CENTRES TO A FOREIGN COUNTRY – JESUS CHRIST GUYS, WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET IT???!!!

  11. Western elites, multinational corporations, United Nations and their other organizations has lost all credibility when it comes to democracy equality and humanity in Africa or for the global black and brown community.

  12. Okay so we keep seeing that anything P R C is evil, and yes it is deeply problematic.
    My issue though, is that the european, vvhite, western and colonial deep roots, endeavors and companies extensively entrenched in and exploiting the Global South isn't questioned with the same ferocity and focus as the P R C.
    Don't only get distracted by paid media people. Think beyond the plantation, it's indoctrination and hegemoney.

  13. It has been obvious that the ANC brought Zuma out of prison, so that he can help with elections in KZN. The ANC knew that without Zuma, the KZN was lost to opposition. No! The ANC owns the govt, the police, the National Prosecution Authority and the judiciary. If the ANC did not own the NPA, Dr Zweli Mkhize, the former Health Minister and his son, Dedani, would have long been charged for Covid funds corruption. Its a shame that Zuma believes in his party that wants to drown him, in order to protect others. This does not make Zuma clean, he is like all of them.

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