the TALKS at The Conscious Festival by Green Is The New Black IS BACK for its second year!Β 
Four transformative sessions packed full of juicy actionable insights that will empower you to change your life including inspiring keynotes, engaging workshops, wellness breaks, and action kits. Everything you need to take #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously.
Register today to hear from over 30 incredible speakers – feed your mind, spark inspiration and ignite your impact on the world. Mix and match the sessions or join us for all 4 (scroll down for all the details).

1) LIVE – Altruism & Resilience [Sat 13 April 10.50am – 1.30pm]
In a world ripe with natural disasters, political instabilities, claims for the end of our civilization before 2030 (by groups like collapsologues) it’s easy to ask ‘do our actions really matter?’ But if we change our viewpoints, our actions can show beauty instead of pain.Β From unleashing your sensual power to better connect with yourself and the planet, to why people are not acting in the face of climate change – let us learn how to be more altruistic, so we can have a resilient world.
Speakers from Green Monday, BGreener & Refillmybottle, Chaukei Ngai, All You Can Be, Luna Mama, YOLO and many more.

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After ending a 15 year battle with a disease during a plant medicine meditation, Ying Han Cheng has distilled the most important learnings into a multi-cultural Bestselling Author of the You Only Live Once book and now supports leaders, change makers, and impact driven entrepreneurs to build sustainable career and businesses so that they can contribute at their highest level. She supports holistic transformations through strategy, personal growth and practical spirituality (mindfulness).☘⭐

Her clients span Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and USA. ✈

She is sought after by clients and partners like Singapore Management University, Chamber of Commerce’s, Lululemon, HER Global Network, Festivals, talks and private coaching. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

The YOLO programs have spread across 350+ media outlets including ABC, NBC, FOX, BBC, and Forum of the Future. πŸ“ΉπŸ“Ί


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A free-thinking individual who strives to maintain psychological balance between the two polar aspects of Human Nature; Desire and Conscience. However, These conditions can never be balanced because inertia will carry us to extremes. Balance is a constant struggle therefore I live by the principles of the HERU Interface