Anti Afro Svengalis


P2-Stop Umar Johnson's Fraud! Commentary-Complaint Tutorial For PA Dept Ed.

1-Audio/Video & graphics of Umar Johnson’s atrocities 2-Ethics: National Assoc, or School Psychologist (NASP) 3-Educator Miscondut Complaint Link/Form: Pennsylvania source

P1-Umar Johnson's White UmarIans GUILTY Pleas In GoFundMe Scam-Identical To Umar's Crimes!

1-Hear sista tell how Umar scammed her in 2009! 2-2 of 3 white Umarins take plea deal in GoFundMe Fraud case 3-PA Dept of Education-Educator complaint form 4-Professional Ethics Ntl. Assoc of School Psychologists (NASP) source

P.2 Umar Johnson-New Legal Case Has Umar Trapped-Skunk Angry+Desperate For More Victims

1- Report Umar Johnson’s crimes 2 ways online – direct email b- – online form Pennsylvania Dept of State: Board of Social Workers, Marriage & Family Therapists And Professional Counselors 2-GotPfiff TV scorches Umar Johnson “school” scam. 3Chief X-Fires on Umar Johnson; fraudulent freak!! 4-DopeCoke1 knows scam-bag Umar Johnson feels the heat 5-Lenon Honor […]