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Young woman ditches anthropology for dancing

Young Nigeria woman has shot to fame using her childhood hobby in one of Africa’s most competitive entertainment markets. Lovette Otegbola ditched her archaeology and anthropology degree to become a choreographer in Nigeria. CGTN’S Kelechi Emekalam spent time in her dance academy and filed this report source

For the love of Morna: Cape Verdian music

If you have ever heard of Cesaria Evora, then you might be familiar with the magical music she was known for singing. Despite being feted as the Barefoot Diva, she was also known as the “Queen of Morna”. What is Morna? CGTN’s Laura Walubengo took a little trip to find out… Subscribe to us on […]

Kenyan coast still the cradle of regional pop music

As far as pop music is concerned, Kenya is one of the leading countries in the East African region. Its location contributed to the adaptation of musical styles from the West, especially after the tourism bubble in the 1960s and 70s. CGTN’s Leslie Mirungu and Alex Kiarie toured Kenya’s coast, where the beat goes on. […]

Faces of Africa – Franco: King of Rumba

In the 1960s, a vibrant economy in the newly independent Congo meant artists had access to all the latest developments in music technology. Among all the great Congolese musicians that emerged in that era, one stands out as the undisputed king of Rumba: Francois ‘Franco’ Luambo Makiadi. “Faces of Africa” investigates the extraordinary man behind […]

LIVE: #AfricaLive 10GMT 20/04/2019

LIVE: #AfricaLive 10GMT Here’s Peninah Karibe with news from across Africa and beyond at this hour. Here are some of the stories lined up; -China to host over 40 heads of state next week for the second Belt and Road forum -Continued fighting in Libya leads to economic turmoil -The Conde Nast luxury conference comes […]

World's first middle ear transplant assisted by 3D printing.

There has been a medical breakthrough, but this time with the help of 3D technology. A medical team at Steve Biko Academic Hospital has pioneered the first middle ear transplant in the world, using 3D printed bones. This first-of-its-kind surgical procedure could help millions regain their hearing. CGTN’s Julie Scheier reports. Subscribe to us on […]

Johannesburg exhibition commemorates activist Steve Biko

A new exhibition in South Africa is commemorating anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko. “19 Days in September” chronicles the aftermath of his death — and the extensive media coverage that helped reveal the truth behind his murder. CGTN’s Julie Scheier has more. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: source

Faces Of Africa- Kwame Nkrumah

Kwame Nkrumah was born on September 21, 1909, in Nkroful, Gold Coast (now Ghana), and shepherded the country in its struggle for independence from Great Britain. He went on to be named life president of both the nation and his party, until the army and police in Ghana seized power in 1966 and he found […]

Young women highlight Pan-Africanism, black consciousness

Young women in South Africa are using theatre to shape their own narratives. They women are hoping to reawaken awareness about Pan-Africanism and Black Consciousness, through a play called Vuselela, which means Revive. CGTN’s Julie Scheier has more. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: source