Professor Griff: Obama Was Elected to Lull Black People to Sleep

Public Enemy member Professor Griff spoke at length about his thoughts on presidents past and present, including how he doesn’t think Obama did enough for the black community. He also shared that he thinks President Trump will bring the best and worst out of Americans during his time in office. During the conversation, Professor Griff […]

BG Knocc Out on Napoleon (Outlawz) Saving Man's Life Who Killed His Parents (Part 14)

Part 15: Part 13: Part 1: ————— In this clip, BG Knocc Out and Vlad discussed the Islamic religion and how it has brought a different level of consciousness to its followers. For instance, they recounted Napolean of the Outlawz saving the life of the man who murdered his parents and attributed […]

Dr. Umar Johnson Talks America's War Against the Black Man

As an educator and former principal, Dr. Umar Johnson takes the time to discuss the appropriateness of #TeacherBae’s form fitting attire. While DJ Vlad feels that the elementary school teacher was not dressed to suit her profession Umar asserts, “the way she’s dressed is relatively conservative compared to the way I see many teachers dress.” […]