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BLACK Hair- Waves are in, straight is

Why are others constantly capitalizing on the weaknesses on AfRAkan Peoples? Because they are the same people framing different types of failing projects for AfRAkan peoples. But shouldn’t AfRAkan peoples reject these projects? That’s exactly why I’m teaching AfRAkan Peoples to elevate themselves above their dependence on deceptions to The Platforms of Higher Thought. Remember […]


BLACK Hair MA’ATh is designed based on The Dohgon Brain Web. Let’s take your child into his own Brain Web, and see how the child begins to blossom. Why should your emotional problems become the problems of your child? Those problems will no longer affect your child because The Dohgon will give him/her a different […]

BLACK Hair-KINKY-6-Your Power.avi

The buddha has KINKY Hair. Asians worship him, but no asian man or woman wears KINKY Hair. Can somebody explain that for me, please? Europeans wore KINKY Hair. They even trimmed their beards to look KINKY, hundreds of years before jesus christ. The moment that man appeared, europeans stopped the KINK, and hated it with […]

Dohgon Motivates; Do You Procrastinate?

This is one video that provides you with the elements of Motivation and procrastination. Certainly many things have been left undone and unachieved because of procrastination. Procrastination is not a matter of you being stupid, but rather lazy. That tells you that it’s your Mind that is holding you back. Learn more. DohgonUniversity source

Simultaneity, why einstein is a liar

How do you detect a lie? You detect a lie by being TRUTHFUL. If you are truthful, a lie will always confuse you, and the liar will do everything necessary to make the lie truthful in order to undo your confusion. This is where the liar is caught because you know that his truth can […]

How a 69 year-old Unravelled Space-Time Secrets

Most societies harbor feelings that their elders can’t do more because of age. But AfRAkan societies have always relied on the elders for guidance, which explains why we revere our GREAT ANKHcestors. The AfRAkan approach must now dominate human thought processes because AfRAkans gave everything to humanity. Learn more from source

AfRAkan PYRAMIDS, TEKHEN and Intelligence

The Intelligence of AfRAkans was shown by the structures they built because AfRAkan THINKING is MA’AThematical. If we compare that THINKING to today’s thinking, we can say that the thinking that people have in this civilization is theoretical, which leads to philosophy and therefore is full of deception and lies. AfRAka, on the other hand, […]

Afrikaan, African or AfRAkan

AfRAka Unite! Great WONDERS exist in names. Your reality is defined by the name you carry. As an individual, you can trace generations before you through DNA Science. For a continent, it becomes a different matter. The essence of changing the name “Africa” to AfRAka is to alter the degenerative state imposed upon Our Motherland […]

How to Liberate your MIND to TRANSition your soul

The naacp tells you, “THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE!” The dalai larma tells you, I paraphrase, EMPTY YOUR MIND TO FREE YOUR SOUL. Do all these experts know anything about MIND? NO! NO! NO! MIND is Pure Spiritual ENERGY that TRANSforms to many different types of forces. These forces generate action potentials […]