Michael Imhotep


Egypt (Kemet): The Source Of The Bible, Part 1 – Dr. Ray Hagins

In this lecture, Dr. Hagins provides in-depth documentation to clearly show you that the world’s #1 best seller (i.e., “The Bible”) is, de facto, a stolen, plagiarized, copied and represented literary works that has it’s true origins in the stories, concepts, ideologies and teachings of ancient Egypt. After watching this video, any and all arguments […]

Grappling – Part 1: Kilindi Iyi

To see this entire DVD, you can purchase it as well as many others at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com This is a very unique video presentation where Kilindi Iyi demonstrates numerous defenses against grapplers including throws, joint locks and pressure points. This is a fantastic demonstration of the African Martial Arts. Due to the conversion from VHS tape […]