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The Universe is a Mind

The Universe is a mystery whose true character is becoming more evident every day. Although it is infinitely vast, its consistency is 99% Pure Dark Energy. They say that humans are a micro example of the macro universe but I don’t think so. Humans are seeking knowledge while the universe is the holder of all […]

South Florida Caribbean News – 320ro

Black Business Month Spotlight: Sasha Revelous : South Florida Caribbean News August 17, 2019   News   MIAMI – Get to Know Sasha Revelous is part of the Flourish Media team hosting a women’s conference February 21-22, 2020.Sasha Revolus is a Brand consultant and Creative Director focusing on all things small business development.Born to Haitian and […]

Paule Marshall, novelist of diverse influences, dead at 90

Paule Marshall, an exuberant and sharpened storyteller who in fiction such as “Daughters” and “Brown Girl, Brownstones” drew upon classic and vernacular literature and her mother’s kitchen conversations to narrate the divides between blacks and whites, men and women and modern and traditional cultures, has died at age 90. Marshall’s son, Evan K. Marshall, told […]

Industrial Tribunal in Caribbean first

The Industrial Tribunal was yesterday hailed as a Caribbean leader for this week’s launch of electronic case filing and management services. The National Tripartite Council, in a statement, said one of its executive members, Rionda Godet, became the first attorney to digitally submit a case to the Industrial Tribunal on Monday. The council, which was […]