December 4, 2021

17 thoughts on “Ups & Downs of Repatriation + Come to the Gym with Me + I picked Ackee | Naomi's Life | Vlog 45

  1. SiStar I completely understand!!! OMG. But it's a NEVER give up scenario this DEM- IC is a lesson to us entrepreneurs. We got to keep pushing! You'll be fine, millions are on the continent and happy will always be with you. Heath is wealth and we will all make it!! Asé

  2. Africans from the continent who find their way to Europe, USA, Canada, etc have to fight through immigration, work permits, new environment, new culture, etc. The point is it is not easy to move anywhere on this planet. Imagine the Africans in China. It is nit easy anywhere. So we need to be very tough, determined, focus and reasonable.

  3. Naomi, I admire your bravery. It's easy to sit on the side line and judge, but it takes courage to walk in your GREATNESS. Stay the course and you're destined to prevail. Continue to follow your instincts and use your God-given talents to "make room" for you in Ghana.🙏🌅💯

  4. Stay strong n stay positive I really admire you all who have made the journey so far you really are taking one 4 the team it will get better just hang I there long as you have food, shelter, positive mindset n sunshine you good keep up the high protein alkaline it keeps you uplifted it will all come together it’s just some temporary part of the journey🇬🇭💪🏿❤️

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