September 26, 2022

32 thoughts on “US Envoy to Visit Ethiopia,Namibia Goes Green, Niger Will Not Expel High-profile Rwandans

  1. Ethiopia, please do not go back into any agreement with America, they do not honor their agreements. It is time to let go if they cannot commit to international standards. America only show up when they have lost or is losing something. If you are negotiating, do it on your terms.

  2. Kenyans should stop supporting KFC. Let them shut down. The power is in your hands. Come together and start your own Chicken franchise using local potatoes and Quality chickens from Afrika. This can be a game changer with Afrikans holding the winning cards.

  3. Kenyans should immediately boycott KFC! With no customers, they won't need potatoes or anything else. Can you imagine that this s___t company would DARE to not use Kenyan potatoes? Preposterous! Please Africa, stop laying down and getting USED.

  4. Special envoy = special harm, do not be tricked. Check the game play from many generations ago, nothing new. They use the same ol same ol, don't do it.. e thi o pia

  5. May it is something to do the preservation and chemicalized it. The locals have the pure one, and it takes lots of expense and labor to produce in pig amount. It is junk food! 🧐

  6. USA special envoy? They will come with some cooked agenda, they will not sleep for least we know them since 1935 ,this is their 4th time when they betrayed Ethiopians. During Italy invasion, Somalia invasion,to dismantle Eritrea from mother land and now to create a fragmente region to eliminate the greatest Black people's icon Ethiopian.

  7. KFC Help Kenyan Farmers Meet The Quality Standards Needed for THEIR Potatos to be sold In THE Mega African Chain Market YOU Have Established YOURSELF IN – In Fact INCLUDE ALSO THE CHICKEN – Let's Call It Out Shall We?? Would You Be As Successful WITHOUT The #African Market? Isn't that the reason YOU ARE IN Africa? #NoMore Feeding #Aficans Imported Junk! #WakeUp #Africa YOUR VOICE MATTERS!

  8. Thank you our Dear Brothers and Sister’s for Supporting Mama Ethiopia.
    I would like to to appreciate each and everyone of you for standing with us during this Critical Time. The good days will come and we will celebrate Our Victory Together.
    God Bless You!
    God Bless Africa!

  9. I hope that US envoy is going to: 1. apologize, 2. Offer ET a fixed term AGOA contract 3. Inform ET govnmt what corrective action they will take against all their stuff involved in the miss information camping and backing of terror TPLF group. 4. Anything else ni Bull Sht …..!

  10. Why is Ethiopia letting in such an official into their country?
    What are you stupid all over again ?
    Allow an american into your country you are going to have WAR.
    When the hell are the 54 countries in Africa going to wake up?
    The US Envoy doesn't need to leave alive, a body bag would be just fine.

  11. Be more specific when stating “high profile…” the correct word is ‘Former government genecidal extremists responsible for the rwandan genocide against the Tutsi. You say it as if they were just simple political opponents. They are scum of the earth and deserve the death penalty, those former extremists hiding in Niger don’t deserve freedom. What did the Jews do to the nazi’s once found they didn’t label them high profile they got handed over to face real justice wherever they were and europeans allowed the Jews to do so. That is unity. But Africans still slow and being politically incorrect . It’s terms like that and slow actions from Africans why there’s not enough unity building because we can’t trust each other to do what’s right many are biased to the facts. Those ppl you call “high profile or political “ planner and orchestrated the Genocide they murdered a million. Smh! #AfricansWakeUp How are we supposed to challenge the west when many still act western and biased, or talk talk with no action later on.

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