July 6, 2022

23 thoughts on “US Government Has Been Sued Over Imposing Zimbabwe’s Illegal Sanctions

  1. South Africa knows why Zimbabwe got sanctioned and as long as Zimbabweans keep voting for ZanuPF or they are still in power they will stay sanctioned… They are going to loose this case and wasting our court's time in SA.. 🙄
    Zimbabweans don't listen yazi no wonder ur Country is in such a state.. Register and vote against Zanu-PF

  2. Zimbabwe's problems aren't solely due to sanctions. Many countries have manage to rise above that. The Zimbabwean government is demonic and greedy AF🙄😒
    The leaders spent hundreds millions of dollars buying very expensive western cars but aren't able to use some of that money go uplift their people? Stop giving the US too much power.

  3. How can humanity PROGREES when there are self appointed dictators of the functions of business!!!? Then old tactic of keeping their oversize boots on black people's neck, till they rob them blind.

  4. Tell Mnangagwa and his cohorts to stop looting state resources at the expense of civilians.If the resources are used openly with transparency, even sanctions won't have much impact.

  5. African countries must liberate themselves from the western countries financial system that’s why the west controls us as they want yet we provide the world with our raw materials and minerals it’s time Africans put a stop to this nonsense.

  6. Yo this shit with Zimbabwe be making me loose it lol I’m just saying U guys should have seen the US Military Generals complaining in the senate about China is running Ramp-it thru Afrika and Our Afrikan Partners are concerned!!! Lol I’m like o really?? Right? It’s A new age Mafia… The EU!!! Period Point Blank

  7. 1: How can Africa let one country (USA) cause turmoil to the people of Africa?
    2: Zimbabwe, do some thinking to put the house in economic order. Don't be too reliant on the west and the so called aid.
    3: There are always doors – as long as you look hard enough for them. Do your best – and let your best be good enough.

  8. Ethiopia,Zimbabwe,Eritrea,Somalia,Sudan,Ruwanda,Mali etc have been sanctioned by US and EU for a couple of years. We must find the way to beindependent from these evils

  9. I pray to live to see Africa divest itself from Europe and the dis-United States of America. The sanctions are, of course, monetary. But its fake money because the natural resources that built these economies were and are being stolen from Africa. I pray for the success of ZASM. How can the diaspora help?

  10. So there are No Human rights violations in Zimbabwe? Your Corrupt goverment is Your Problem. Change your goverment to people that actually serve your citizens, then the sanctions would Dissapear.

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