September 28, 2021

25 thoughts on “US / UK / Aussie / South African English Pronunciation Differences (Same Language, Four Accents)

  1. Really liked this video! Someone may well have said this already- regarding "tomato" (toe-mah-toe)…… I can hear myself saying to someone…. "Hey mate, you got a tomatah?" It is almost identical to the inflection used in the Southern States of the USA. Great video, accents and pronunciation are a very interesting and unique.

  2. Like most of your guests I find the American pronunciation of most of these words grating. One word I would have been interested to hear added to this list would be debut which tv presenters here in NZ pronounce as if they have suddenly become French for a moment and drop the t, "deboo". Maybe in your next video.

  3. Here are a few suggestions if you ever plan on doing another one of these (also the way I would say them as someone from the UK):

    Adult (/ˈæ.dʌlt/)
    Advertisements (/ˌæd.vəˈtaɪz.mənts/)
    Algae (/ˈæl.ɡi/)
    Aluminium (/ˌæ.lʊˈmɪ.njəm/)
    Buoy (/bɔɪ/)
    Capillary (/kəˈpɪ.ləɹi/)
    Contribute (/kənˈtʃɹɪ.bjʊt/)
    Controversy (/kənˈtʃɹɒ.vəsi/)
    Data (/ˈdeɪ.tə/)
    Dilemma (/daɪˈlɛ.mə/)
    Docile (/ˈdɘʊ.saɪl/)
    Fungi (/ˈfʌŋ.ɡaɪ/)
    Garage (/ˈgæ.ɹɪdʒ/)
    Hospitable (/hɒˈspɪ.təbəl/)
    Jaguar (/ˈdʒæ.gjʊə/)
    Laboratory (/ləˈbɒ.ɹətʃɹi/)
    Lever (/ˈliːvə/)
    Marathon (/ˈmæ.ɹəθən/)
    Massage (/ˈmæ.sɑːʒ/)
    Methane (/‘miːθeɪn/)
    News (/njuːz/)
    Premiere (/ˈpɹɛm.jɛː/)
    Privacy (/ˈpɹaɪ.vəsi/)
    Process (/ˈpɹəʊ.sɛs/)
    Resource (/ɹəˈzɔːs/)
    Respiratory (/ɹəˈspɪ.ɹətʃɹi/)
    Schedule (/ˈskɛ.dʒuːl/ as a noun, but /ˈʃɛ.dʒuːl/ as a verb)
    Status (/ˈsteɪ.təs/)
    Tuesday (/ˈtʃuːz.deɪ/)
    Urinal (/jʊˈɹaɪ.nəl/)
    Vehicle (/ˈvɪə.kəl/)
    Yoghurt (/ˈjɒ.ɡət/)

    You should also bring a Canadian on here! Despite sounding quite American they say a lot of words like us Brits surprisingly.

  4. Just as Aussie one said "Have you guys ever heard of Banana's in Pajamas" I started singing it and now I think I might be either cursed with that theme in my head when someone even mentions that yellow fruit or just the solid fact….WEETBIX KID 4 LIFE

  5. I think you guys need more American accents, because him saying “ Americans don’t say auntie” is EXTREMELY INACCURATE, the whole south says auntie and “antie” especially AAVE speakers

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