TRIGGER WARNING! On April 4, 2020 a 35 year old male woke up from a nap to his house being raided by the police. He walks outside with his hands in the air in attempts to create obvious compliance. He is then tasered and brutalized by a police dog. As of April 8, 2020 he remains hospitalized in Santa Rosa, Ca.

They did not have a search or seizure warrant when the incident occurred because he is on parole for a felony from 9 years ago. He has since graduated college with an AA in sociology. The reason for the home invasion by Sonoma County Sheriffs was a call from an unreliable informant that claimed he had a weapon. The informant later became uncooperative with the police. The victim was taking nap when this incident occurred. The property was searched and nothing was found. The dog bite victim is currently facing charges for “resisting arrest.”

This information was obtained via in person interview with the wife of the victim (woman standing in front of him)

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