January 16, 2022

22 thoughts on “Views From Africa -Epi 3 (Marriage, moving abroad & does black lives matter really matter in Africa)

  1. Ladies listen to the sisters who have lived the experience. The racism is NOT going to STOP. Yes not every African in the diaspora is going to move to Africa. The only way black people will be taken seriously is when African is able to sit across the table and negotiate on equal terms. That's making Africa powerful enough to be an equal player on the world stage. The diaspora has something to offer on the continent.

  2. On the topic of marriage, first, there is the love of God, then family and lastly career. I married very late myself because I put career first. Its one thing to marry late because you have not met the right man, its another to choose career 1st. I have no children in my marriage going on 19 years married. There is a price to pay for that decision which is okay if you can pay it. Ooooooooo……On the BLM movement! as a person born on the continent then came to USA, 35 years in. I can honestly say that my African American brothers and sisters are far more racist than anyone other race. The issues are far far deeper than just simple racism. Why do Africans come here and succeed where they cannot? I have no sympathy! My journey here I have been most traumatized by them than any other race! leaving America because of all that BLM nonsense. They don't have real problems that is why they are burning up the country – total destruction, that's them! They need to come to Africa for 6 months and face real problems, their attitude will change. They will come back to kiss America ground with everything in it!

  3. No offence by one of the girls says, (this whole get married and have kids early that there is a biological clock) it doesn't matter when you get married??? is this girl smoking something. Women have a maximum age they can have children and the older they get past 34 it's difficult to impossible past 40 for many women. So yes "if you want children and you want to maximize your chances of it being successful "yes" obviously, but if you don't know if you want children then it doesn't matter lol.

  4. One minute you want Americans to come with their talents and help build and the next you think they should stay and deal with racism. Yet you welcome the Chinese and Europeans, but not your own, sad.

  5. Black people worldwide wont succeed unless Africa as a whole succeeds. We must have pride in where we come from and power on a world stage in order to be respected by others in the world. That wont happen unless we reclaim our resources that were stolen from us WHICH INCLUDE our black brothers and sisters worldwide.

  6. Natural Ghana girl loved your passion; I did want to hear more from you about marriage and doing it young, what’s it’s taught you, how love has changed, what’s different from when you was single, if it’s different being married in ghana vs London, as the only married woman. Still love you lots but you always keep it real with us so when you started speaking I was really excited. 🇬🇭🥳🥳

  7. Hey ladies loving your show a few thoughts, please introduce yourselves at the beginning of each episode. As I only know della from watching natural Ghana girl but I don’t know anything about the other ladies it would be nice just to have a brief introduction about the other ladies where they are from in Ghana and what they do. Maybe you can consider making it a hour show it’s already a bit like loose women in the UK or maybe the view in the USA, but I think you would be able to discuss more topics and be able to have more debate if your show was an hour long. Thanks for reading keep up the good work ladies. A fellow Brit

  8. It obviously dose not since somebody there sold their own people and im told they're still enslaving people in Liberia. They're jumping on boats risking their lives and many die trying to get to Europe and Europeans the same people they sold us 2. Many governments and leaders in Africa kill and murder protesters, black people looking just like them. How could black lives matter in Africa?🤔🤔

  9. I like what you are doing, maybe have a more descriptive title to let people know what each show is about? (i.e., instead of only titling it "Episode 3, maybe title it "Episode 3: Marriage, etc.)

  10. What y’all is saying is so true for a lot of us . But it’s great over here for I believe a lot of Ghana men . Only if they come with a plan to succeed!! I love the conversations from you guys !! Thanks♥️

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