May 22, 2022

41 thoughts on “Villagers Fight Chinese Mine Project, Africans Hospitalised by Toxic Sea, Nigeria Not Dumping Ground

  1. When, africa is united,
    There will need to be a ' 'one' flag to represent the unity of all the continent nations,
    And all african's decendant where ever they may be in the world,

    The unity flag could bear in it its centre , a flag that represent each state,

    The utilization of the five most african's original language could then be thought in school and used for national, local and international business,
    While protecting all other languages and culture,

    Then l wonder? Shouldnt the Name " Africa" of the continent be changed also?

    As this name was not, the original name of the continent,
    I would like thise discusion to be raise.

    Note! Also , that the construtive committed unitification
    Of the continent,

    Will be the strength and protection of africans every where!

    The unitification of our continent!
    Must not be ignored,
    By this generation of african leaders.
    This will be a pilar! For a great people ,
    Who have not been at there best for centeries.

    I would like these discusions to be raise across the continent and beyond.
    For the greater good of our people every where.

    Thank you.
    Isaac R Bennett

  2. The Europeans and USA claim to be better, superior and know-how, when it comes to intelligence in medicine and technology Asia knows better than them because all what is Europe and USA is due to Asia and Africa. The Chinese vaccine does not hold heavy metal, and it should be the best for humans. I think it is time to divide the world into continental independece, to see how Europe can survive on its own. The rest of the world must cut tides with Europe, and the US.

  3. It is Not true, you can travel in Europe withought vaccine. You must Take a 72hours Covid NegativTest , and if you are coming Back you have also a Negativ Test from the country you have visited.

  4. South African govt ministers need to be tied to a whipping post and severely whipped. How the hell the guptas could come from India and corruptly obtained all that money. Also, run the chinese outta Zimbabwe. No question asked.

  5. Vaccine apartheid is now in full force. I was hoping this would never happen but it has. Fuck the EU and other rich countries. Makes me wonder… what is the real agenda?

  6. Africa have serious bad leader, they are giving away raw material that they will need to develop with,
    stop all your selfish greedy leaders and only go with leaders that is going to be pro long term food production for all the people in the country, alone working with all the countries in the regions, and the hold country: if people can eat, their is no need to sell your raw materials or allow other to buy your land. you have dumb leader, or serious greedy leader for self or tribe and not all the people in the country … study, study, study,

  7. These Gupta Brothers are wrecking havoc with dirty dealings and have roped in a former UK Prime Minster who was acting as a lobbyist for these dodgy brothers (who took Covid grant money to keep some of the UK reg interests), someone bought a house for £21m and somehow their financiers Greenseil, is in financial stress.

    Not saying any thing wrong happened but it put an ex UK Prime Minster under the microscope. It’s a bit quiet now, so we don’t know the state of play of the UK based interests of the Brothers, their Struggling financiers and if the ex PM out clean and smelling like a rose…🤔

  8. Sending love and prayers to you amazing people out there
    Nobody should take this beautiful land that’s the birthplace of human evolution for granted
    People who treat those who live in the land they know like crap makes my blood boil so fast and it breaks my heart

  9. Becoz it was bad to invade a country for it's resources, china revolted,
    That was BOXER REBELLION… But what do we call If china invaded other countries for their resources?

  10. These people should not be doing any business in our Africa land ,aless the right regulations in place,,the governments of Africa should not allowed no foreigners of none African descendant to buy any lands in we Africa joke stop them on those already got lands revoked it and refund them for they're not none Africans simply likes that !!

  11. Zimbabwe, South Africa, Seirra Leona and West Africa Pls stand up. Stand up for your countries, People and land. Overthrow traitorous Presidents and leaders and get the Chinese out.

  12. 100 years of Chinese activity in Africa, and Africa will become a wasteland, completely stripped of its mineral resources, leaving behind gaping empty holes dotted across the continent. The environment will have been completely destroyed by toxic waste, and the atmosphere polluted with poisonous gases like Chernobyl. The population of animals will have also dwindled drastically. All this thanks to the traitorous, corrupt, treasonous African puppet leaders who care only about their bellies and not about the welfare of the continent. Woe unto these puppet leaders who have betrayed our beautiful continent. Their names will only be remembered in infamy.

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