September 21, 2023
Vision of Africa for the Africans Repatriation Community & Business Enterprise in Ghana

Bomani & Kofi Bruce connect to talk about Vision of for the Africans Repatriation Community & Enterprise. April 18 …


13 thoughts on “Vision of Africa for the Africans Repatriation Community & Business Enterprise in Ghana

  1. How do you feel about this 20 Million dollar deal between Ghana 🇬🇭 and the United States? How does that affect Africa for Africans?
    How much is it to own a plot in Ghana 🇬🇭?

  2. So proud of you two brothers. Fucking dynamos. Love watching you guys grow. Awesome idea. You know a lot of people are stuck that's what that market collapse was meant to and did do unfortunately. If it weren't for that I think a lot of people would jump this sinking ship and give you a call. Keep the faith. You are necessary and needed badly. Much love

  3. I would have given you guys unlimited expanse of land in SE Nigeria, but the Fulani nomads are terrorizing the area in a murderous rampage, killing anything that moves with AK47

  4. How much tourism do you imagine there will be when you have targeted a part of your society based on the colour of their skin? That way of thinking has been rejected by most and those who maintained it may not be desirable tourists.

  5. For those of you that are interested in visiting the motherland with Bomani Tyehimba I strongly recommend that you do so. I went to Ghana with Bomani in October/November of 2013 and I absolutely loved it. African Americans really need to overcome their fear of visiting the motherland simply because everybody else is there. White people will tell you that Africa is a hell hole but if you look at the videos on youtube of Africa, most of them are posted by….WHITE PEOPLE!!! Why is that? We need to do everything we can to reconnect with our brothers and sisters on the mother continent and Bomani Tyehimba can help us do that. I am planning on returning to the motherland in the near future and I hope to do it with Bomani and his organization.

  6. Bros the current govt is a British worshipping Fulani, from the President to all heads of govt. Agencies. Military aiding the cattle herders with supply of weapons, yet a citizen found with a knife is prosecuted. Google Fulani herdsmen attacks, its depressing what Africans can do to other Africans.

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