Iono Black Anthology, Vol. 2, released on 30.12.2019. by IONO Black – INB1DIGI019
We continue the deeper journey with the second edition of our Iono Black Anthology, it contains the labels top 10 tracks of the year 2019, music which has been played on many international spots, extracted for your pleasure into one pack, taken from our Iono Black releases.

With this new collection we give you the opportunity to get a better taste and a idea of what Iono Black is standing for. Enjoy our topnotch releases in one pack!

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Iono Music never stops to evolve, always being one step ahead with technology and new initiatives it had grown to be an exciting international label. Always on the move, Iono Music promises to give you the top notch music this atmosphere can offer. The label has built over the years a strong reputation as a quality brand with many artist like: Protonica, Egorythmia, Yestermorrow, One Function, Mindwave, Static Movement, Ilai, Atomizers, Mindbenderz and many others.

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